Florida Senate - 2016                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. PCS (314320) for CS for SB 524
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                   Comm: WD            .                                
                  02/26/2016           .                                

       The Committee on Appropriations (Montford) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment to Amendment (741272) (with directory and
    2  title amendments)
    4         Delete lines 1298 - 1371
    5  and insert:
    6  decreases in the Consumer Price Index, except for projects
    7  funded as provided in paragraph (e).
    8         5.2. A district school board must not use funds from the
    9  Public Education Capital Outlay and Debt Service Trust Fund or
   10  the School District and Community College District Capital
   11  Outlay and Debt Service Trust Fund for any new construction of
   12  an ancillary plant that exceeds 70 percent of the average cost
   13  per square foot of new construction for all schools.
   14         (c) Except as otherwise provided, new construction
   15  initiated by a district school board on or after July 1, 2017,
   16  may after June 30, 1997, must not exceed the cost per student
   17  station as provided in paragraph (b). A school district that
   18  exceeds the cost per student station provided in paragraph (b),
   19  as determined by the Auditor General, shall be subject to the
   20  following sanctions:
   21         1. The school district shall be ineligible for allocations
   22  from the Public Education Capital Outlay and Debt Service Trust
   23  Fund for the next 3 years in which the school district would
   24  have received allocations had the violation not occurred.
   25         2. The school district shall be subject to the supervision
   26  of a district capital outlay oversight committee. The oversight
   27  committee is authorized to approve all capital outlay
   28  expenditures of the school district, including new construction,
   29  renovations, and remodeling, for 3 fiscal years following the
   30  violation.
   31         a. Each oversight committee shall be composed of the
   32  following:
   33         (I) One appointee of the Commissioner of Education who has
   34  significant financial management, school facilities
   35  construction, or related experience.
   36         (II) One appointee of the office of the state attorney with
   37  jurisdiction over the district.
   38         (III) One appointee of the Auditor General who is a
   39  licensed certified public accountant.
   40         b. An appointee to the oversight committee may not be
   41  employed by the school district; be a relative, as defined in s.
   42  1002.33(24)(a)2., of any school district employee; or be an
   43  elected official. Each appointee must sign an affidavit
   44  attesting to these conditions and affirming that no conflict of
   45  interest exists in his or her oversight role.
   46         (d) The department shall:
   47         1. Compute for each calendar year the statewide average
   48  construction costs for facilities serving each instructional
   49  level, for relocatable educational facilities, for
   50  administrative facilities, and for other ancillary and auxiliary
   51  facilities. The department shall compute the statewide average
   52  costs per student station for each instructional level.
   53         2. Annually review the actual completed construction costs
   54  of educational facilities in each school district. For any
   55  school district in which the total actual cost per student
   56  station, including change orders, exceeds the statewide limits
   57  established in paragraph (b), the school district shall report
   58  to the department the actual cost per student station and the
   59  reason for the school district’s inability to adhere to the
   60  limits established in paragraph (b). The department shall
   61  collect all such reports and shall provide these reports to the
   62  Auditor General for verification purposes report to the
   63  Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the
   64  House of Representatives by December 31 of each year a summary
   65  of each school district’s spending in excess of the cost per
   66  student station provided in paragraph (b) as reported by the
   67  school districts.
   69  Cost per student station includes contract costs, legal and
   70  administrative costs, fees of architects and engineers,
   71  furniture and equipment, and site improvement costs. Cost per
   72  student station does not include the cost of purchasing or
   73  leasing the site for the construction or the cost of related
   74  offsite improvements.
   76  ====== D I R E C T O R Y  C L A U S E  A M E N D M E N T ======
   77  And the directory clause is amended as follows:
   78         Delete line 1096
   79  and insert:
   80  paragraphs (b) through (d) of subsection (6) of section 1013.64,
   82  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   83  And the title is amended as follows:
   84         Delete lines 1668 - 1670
   85  and insert:
   86         General; amending s.