Florida Senate - 2016              PROPOSED COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE
       Bill No. SB 836
       Proposed Committee Substitute by the Committee on Appropriations
       (Appropriations Subcommittee on Education)
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to a Rapid Response Education and
    3         Training Program; amending s. 288.903, F.S.; revising
    4         the duties of Enterprise Florida, Inc.; amending s.
    5         1006.735, F.S.; establishing the Rapid Response
    6         Education and Training Program within the Complete
    7         Florida Plus Program; requiring the Complete Florida
    8         Plus Program to work with Enterprise Florida, Inc., to
    9         offer certain education and training commitments to
   10         businesses; specifying the duties of the program;
   11         requiring reports to the Legislature; requiring the
   12         Division of Career and Adult Education within the
   13         Department of Education to conduct an analysis and
   14         assessment of the effectiveness of the education and
   15         training programs; providing an effective date.
   17  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   19         Section 1. Subsection (7) is added to section 288.903,
   20  Florida Statutes, to read:
   21         288.903 Duties of Enterprise Florida, Inc.—Enterprise
   22  Florida, Inc., shall have the following duties:
   23         (7) In coordination with the Complete Florida Plus Program,
   24  identify education and training programs that are available for
   25  project-specific industry recruitment and retention efforts to
   26  offer credible education and training commitments that will
   27  ensure that Florida businesses, and businesses relocating to
   28  Florida, have access to a skilled and competent workforce.
   29         Section 2. Present subsections (5) and (6) of section
   30  1006.735, Florida Statutes, are redesignated as subsections (6)
   31  and (7), respectively, and a new subsection (5) is added to that
   32  section, to read:
   33         1006.735 Complete Florida Plus Program.—The Complete
   34  Florida Plus Program is created at the University of West
   35  Florida.
   37  Rapid Response Education and Training Program is established
   38  within the Complete Florida Plus Program. Under this education
   39  and training program, the Complete Florida Plus Program shall
   40  work directly with Enterprise Florida, Inc., in project-specific
   41  industry recruitment and retention efforts to offer credible
   42  education and training commitments to businesses.
   43         (a) The Rapid Response Education and Training Program must:
   44         1. Issue challenge grants through requests for proposals
   45  that are open to all education and training providers, public or
   46  private. These grants match state dollars with education and
   47  training provider dollars to implement particular education and
   48  training programs.
   49         2.Request periodic reports from an independent forensic
   50  accountant or auditor to ensure transparency of the program.
   51  These periodic reports must be submitted to the President of the
   52  Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
   53         3. Keep administrative costs to a minimum through the use
   54  of existing organizational structures.
   55         4. Work directly with businesses to recruit individuals for
   56  education and training.
   57         5. Be able to terminate an education and training program
   58  by giving the program 30 days’ notice.
   59         6. Survey employers after completion of an education and
   60  training program to ascertain the effectiveness of the program.
   61         (b) The Division of Career and Adult Education within the
   62  Department of Education shall conduct an analysis and assessment
   63  of the effectiveness of the education and training programs
   64  under this section in addressing labor market and occupational
   65  trends and needs.
   66         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2016.