Florida Senate - 2018                            (NP)    SR 1906
       By Senator Hukill
       14-02203A-18                                          20181906__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution celebrating the 150th anniversary of the
    3         Cape Canaveral Lighthouse on May 11, 2018.
    5         WHEREAS, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse has been of vital
    6  importance to the safe navigation of seafarers to Cape Canaveral
    7  and, today, serves as a beacon of light, shining brightly from
    8  Cape Canaveral across the Atlantic Ocean, and
    9         WHEREAS, in 1848, the first completed lighthouse, which was
   10  built of brick and stood just 65 feet high, was built near the
   11  tip of Cape Canaveral and was visible for only 10 miles at sea,
   12  and
   13         WHEREAS, construction of the current lighthouse, with its
   14  brick lining inside a cast iron exterior, was approved in 1858
   15  and completed on May 11, 1868, after history intervened, halting
   16  progress as the Civil War raged, and
   17         WHEREAS, a first-order Fresnel lens, developed by French
   18  physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel in 1822, was installed and first
   19  lit on May 11, 1868, and the light, fueled by whale oil, could
   20  be seen for 22 miles at sea, and
   21         WHEREAS, in 1873, the new lighthouse was painted with its
   22  “daymark” black and white horizontal bands to make it easier to
   23  identify as a navigation point during daytime hours, and
   24         WHEREAS, in 1893, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and its
   25  keepers’ cottages were dismantled as part of an 18-month
   26  relocation project and hauled by mule to their present-day
   27  location along specially constructed tracks to avoid corrosion
   28  from the encroaching sea, and
   29         WHEREAS, in 1939, ownership of the Cape Canaveral
   30  Lighthouse and approximately 900 acres of land were granted to
   31  the United States Coast Guard, and
   32         WHEREAS, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is universally
   33  recognized as the historical basis for the location of the
   34  United States Air Force’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and
   35  the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Kennedy
   36  Space Center, and
   37         WHEREAS, the advancement of automation in the 1960s
   38  eliminated the need for a lighthouse keeper, and, thereafter,
   39  the keepers’ cottages were vacated and later demolished in the
   40  1970s, and
   41         WHEREAS, in 1967, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse’s first
   42  order Fresnel lens was automated and, in 1993, was replaced with
   43  a high-power search light, which is operated by the United
   44  States Coast Guard, and
   45         WHEREAS, in 2000, ownership and maintenance of the Cape
   46  Canaveral Lighthouse was transferred to the United States Air
   47  Force’s 45th Space Wing, making it the only operational
   48  lighthouse ever owned and maintained by the United States Air
   49  Force, and
   50         WHEREAS, in 2002, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation
   51  was established to support the United States Air Force’s 45th
   52  Space Wing in its efforts to preserve, restore, interpret, and
   53  exhibit the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, and to inform and educate
   54  the public on its historical significance, and
   55         WHEREAS, the efforts of both the 45th Space Wing and the
   56  Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation ensure that this landmark
   57  remains a guiding beacon or “living light” amongst mighty metal
   58  giants supporting rockets that explore the vastness of space,
   59  and
   60         WHEREAS, as rockets soar from the Cape and astronauts head
   61  for the Moon, Mars, and beyond, the evening skies are
   62  illuminated by a strong beacon of light still shining brightly
   63  from the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse across the Atlantic Ocean,
   64  and
   65         WHEREAS, the State of Florida recognizes the tremendous
   66  efforts of individuals past and present to preserve and maintain
   67  the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and the importance of educating
   68  the public on its historical significance to the Florida Space
   69  Coast, this state, and this nation, and that these efforts have
   70  helped protect what is known today as the oldest standing
   71  structure on the Cape, visited and admired by many, and
   72         WHEREAS, on May 11, 2018, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse
   73  will celebrate its 150th anniversary as a navigational aid,
   74  charting its shining course through the history of sea and
   75  space, NOW, THEREFORE,
   77  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   79         That the 150th anniversary of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse
   80  is celebrated.
   81         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution, with
   82  the Seal of the Senate affixed, be presented to the Cape
   83  Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation as a tangible token of the
   84  sentiments of the Florida Senate.