Florida Senate - 2018                                     SB 394
       By Senator Bracy
       11-00578-18                                            2018394__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to fire safety; amending s. 633.408,
    3         F.S.; requiring the Division of State Fire Marshal to
    4         establish specified courses as a part of firefighter
    5         and volunteer firefighter training and certification;
    6         amending s. 633.412, F.S.; revising firefighter
    7         certification requirements; amending s. 633.508, F.S.;
    8         specifying the division’s authority to adopt rules for
    9         training related to cancer and mental health risks
   10         within the fire service; providing an effective date.
   12  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   14         Section 1. Paragraph (d) is added to subsection (1) of
   15  section 633.408, Florida Statutes, to read:
   16         633.408 Firefighter and volunteer firefighter training and
   17  certification.—
   18         (1) The division shall establish by rule:
   19         (d)Courses to provide training for career and volunteer
   20  firefighters related to cancer and mental health risks within
   21  the fire service. Such training must be a requirement for
   22  obtaining a Firefighter Certificate of Compliance, Volunteer
   23  Firefighter Certificate of Completion, or Special Certificate of
   24  Compliance. The training must include cancer and mental health
   25  awareness, prevention, mitigation, and treatment. The training
   26  must specifically include lifestyle, environmental, inherited,
   27  and occupational risks, and emphasize appropriate behavior,
   28  attitude, and cultural changes within the fire service.
   29  Certified firefighters shall have such training made available
   30  to them.
   31         Section 2. Subsection (6) of section 633.412, Florida
   32  Statutes, is amended to read:
   33         633.412 Firefighters; qualifications for certification.—A
   34  person applying for certification as a firefighter must:
   35         (6) Be a nonuser of tobacco or tobacco products for at
   36  least 1 year immediately preceding application and during his or
   37  her career in the fire service, as evidenced by the sworn
   38  affidavit of the applicant.
   39         Section 3. Subsection (2) of section 633.508, Florida
   40  Statutes, is amended to read:
   41         633.508 Workplace safety; rulemaking authority; division
   42  authority.—
   43         (2) The division shall have the authority to adopt rules
   44  for the purpose of ensuring safe working conditions for all
   45  firefighter employees by authorizing the enforcement of
   46  effective standards, by assisting and encouraging firefighter
   47  employers to maintain safe working conditions, and by providing
   48  for education and training in the field of safety, including
   49  training related to cancer and mental health risks within the
   50  fire service. Specifically, the division may by rule adopt the
   51  most current edition of all or any part of subparts C through T
   52  and subpart Z of 29 C.F.R. s. 1910; the National Fire Protection
   53  Association, Inc., Publication 1403, Standard on Live Fire
   54  Training Evolutions, as limited by subsection (6); and ANSI A
   55  10.4.
   56         Section 4. This act shall take effect July 1, 2018.