Florida Senate - 2019                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for SB 7068
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                Floor: 3/AD/2R         .                                
             04/23/2019 12:08 PM       .                                

       Senator Lee moved the following:
    1         Senate Substitute for Amendment (979880) (with title
    2  amendment)
    4         Delete lines 133 - 268
    5  and insert:
    6         (k) Protection or enhancement of primary springs protection
    7  zones and farmland preservation areas designated within local
    8  comprehensive plans adopted under chapter 163.
    9         (2) The program is composed of all of the following
   10  corridors:
   11         (a) Southwest-Central Florida Connector, extending from
   12  Collier County to Polk County.
   13         (b) Suncoast Connector, extending from Citrus County to
   14  Jefferson County.
   15         (c) Northern Turnpike Connector, extending from the
   16  northern terminus of the Florida Turnpike northwest to the
   17  Suncoast Parkway.
   18         (3)(a) Projects undertaken in the corridors identified in
   19  subsection (2) are tolled facilities and approved turnpike
   20  projects that are part of the turnpike system, and are
   21  considered as Strategic Intermodal System facilities.
   22         (b) During the project development phase, the department
   23  shall identify opportunities to accommodate or colocate multiple
   24  types of infrastructure-addressing issues, such as those
   25  identified in subsection (1), within or adjacent to the
   26  corridors.
   27         (c)1.During the project development phase, the department
   28  shall utilize an inclusive, consensus-building mechanism for
   29  each proposed multi-use corridor identified in subsection (2).
   30  For each multi-use corridor identified in subsection (2), the
   31  department shall convene a corridor task force composed of
   32  appropriate representatives of:
   33         a. The Department of Environmental Protection;
   34         b. The Department of Economic Opportunity;
   35         c. The Department of Education;
   36         d. The Department of Health;
   37         e. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission;
   38         f. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services;
   39         g. The local water management district or districts;
   40         h. A local government official from each local government
   41  within a proposed corridor;
   42         i. Metropolitan planning organizations;
   43         j. Regional planning councils; and
   44         k. Other appropriate conservation or community not-for
   45  profit organizations as determined by the department.
   46         2. The secretary of the department shall appoint the
   47  members of the respective corridor task forces by August 1,
   48  2019.
   49         3. Each corridor task force shall coordinate with the
   50  department on pertinent aspects of corridor analysis, including
   51  accommodation or colocation of multiple types of infrastructure,
   52  addressing issues such as those identified in subsection (1),
   53  within or adjacent to the corridor.
   54         4. Each corridor task force shall evaluate the need for,
   55  and the economic and environmental impacts of, hurricane
   56  evacuation impacts of, and land use impacts of, the related
   57  corridor as identified in subsection (2).
   58         5. Each corridor task force shall hold a public meeting in
   59  accordance with chapter 286 in each local government
   60  jurisdiction in which a project within an identified corridor is
   61  being considered.
   62         6. To the maximum extent feasible, the department shall
   63  adhere to the recommendations of the task force created for each
   64  corridor in the design of the multiple modes of transportation
   65  and multiple types of infrastructure associated with the
   66  corridor. The task force for each corridor may consider and
   67  recommend innovative concepts to combine right-of-way
   68  acquisition with the acquisition of lands or easements to
   69  facilitate environmental mitigation or ecosystem, wildlife
   70  habitat, or water quality protection or restoration. The
   71  department, in consultation with the Department of Environmental
   72  Protection, may incorporate those features into each corridor
   73  during the project development phase.
   74         7. The Southwest-Central Florida Connector corridor task
   75  force shall:
   76         a.Address the impacts of the construction of a project
   77  within the corridor on panther and other critical wildlife
   78  habitat and evaluate in its final report the need for
   79  acquisition of lands for state conservation or as mitigation for
   80  project construction; and
   81         b.Evaluate wildlife crossing design features to protect
   82  panther and other critical wildlife habitat corridor
   83  connections.
   84         8. The Suncoast Connector corridor task force and the
   85  Northern Turnpike Connector corridor task force shall evaluate
   86  design features and the need for acquisition of state
   87  conservation lands that mitigate the impact of project
   88  construction within the respective corridors on:
   89         a. The water quality and quantity of springs, rivers, and
   90  aquifer recharge areas;
   91         b. Agricultural land uses; and
   92         c. Wildlife habitat.
   93         9. Each corridor task force shall issue its evaluations in
   94  a final report that must be submitted to the Governor, the
   95  President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of
   96  Representatives by October 1, 2020.
   97         10. The department shall provide affected local governments
   98  with a copy of the applicable task force report and project
   99  alignments. Not later than December 31, 2023, a local government
  100  that has an interchange within its jurisdiction shall review the
  101  applicable task force report and its local comprehensive plan as
  102  adopted under chapter 163. The local government review must
  103  include consideration of whether the area in and around the
  104  interchange contains appropriate land uses and natural resource
  105  protections and whether the comprehensive plan should be amended
  106  to provide such appropriate uses and protections.
  107         (4)(a) Project construction in any corridor identified in
  108  subsection (2) is not eligible for funding until submission of
  109  the final report of the corridor task force for that corridor
  110  required in subsection (3) and completion of 30 percent of the
  111  design phase of any project within a corridor identified in
  112  subsection (2), except for project phases that are under
  113  construction or for which project alignment has been determined.
  114         (b) Subject to the economic and environmental feasibility
  115  statement requirements of s. 338.223, projects may be funded
  116  through turnpike revenue bonds or right-of-way and bridge
  117  construction bonds or financing by the Florida Department of
  118  Transportation Financing Corporation; by advances from the State
  119  Transportation Trust Fund; with funds obtained through the
  120  creation of public-private partnerships; or any combination
  121  thereof. The department also may accept donations of land for
  122  use as transportation rights-of-way or to secure or use
  123  transportation rights-of-way for such projects in accordance
  124  with s. 337.25. To the extent legally available, any toll
  125  revenues from the turnpike system not required for payment of
  126  principal, interest, reserves, or other required deposits for
  127  bonds; costs of operations and maintenance; other contractual
  128  obligations; or system improvement project costs must be used to
  129  repay advances received from the State Transportation Trust
  130  Fund.
  131         (c)1. Projects undertaken under this section are subject to
  132  the department’s delegated responsibilities under s. 334.044(34)
  133  for environmental review, consultation, or other action required
  134  under any federal environmental law applicable to review or
  135  approval of such projects. For projects that do not receive
  136  federal aid or projects that do not require federal action, the
  137  department must perform a project evaluation that considers the
  138  following:
  139         a. Project purpose and need;
  140         b. An alternatives analysis;
  141         c. Existing conditions of the project area and potential
  142  impacts or enhancements the project may have on social,
  143  economic, cultural, natural, and connectivity issues and
  144  resources;
  145         d. Anticipated permits identified during the project
  146  development and environmental study;
  147         e. Opportunities for stakeholder and regulatory agency
  148  coordination; and
  149         f. Public and agency comments and coordination.
  150         2. At a minimum, for projects constructed under this
  151  section, decisions on matters such as corridor configuration,
  152  project alignment, and interchange locations must be determined
  153  in accordance with applicable department rules, policies, and
  154  procedures.
  155         3. To the greatest extent practical, corridor
  156  configuration, project alignment, and interchange locations
  157  shall be designed so that project rights-of-way are not located
  158  within conservation lands acquired under the Florida
  159  Preservation 2000 Act as established in s. 259.101, and the
  160  Florida Forever program as established in s. 259.105.
  162  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  163  And the title is amended as follows:
  164         Delete lines 32 - 47
  165  and insert:
  166         Legislature by a specified date; requiring the
  167         department to provide affected local governments with
  168         a copy of the applicable task force report and project
  169         alignments; requiring a local government that has an
  170         interchange within its jurisdiction to review the
  171         applicable task force report and its local
  172         comprehensive plan by a specified date; providing
  173         requirements for the local government review;
  174         providing specified requirements that must be met
  175         before project construction in any identified corridor
  176         is eligible for funding; providing exceptions to such
  177         requirements; authorizing sources of funding for the
  178         projects; authorizing the department to accept certain
  179         donations of land for the projects; requiring that
  180         certain toll revenues from the turnpike system be used
  181         to repay advances received from the State
  182         Transportation Trust Fund; providing requirements for
  183         the department relating to certain delegated
  184         responsibilities; requiring the department to perform
  185         a specified project evaluation on certain projects;
  186         requiring that certain decisions on projects be
  187         determined in accordance with applicable department
  188         rules, policies, and procedures; providing design
  189         requirements for corridor configuration, project
  190         alignment, and interchange locations; authorizing the