Florida Senate - 2019                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for SB 7068
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              

       Senator Lee moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 221 - 268
    4  and insert:
    5         10. Within 1 year after the department advertises for bids
    6  for construction of an interchange within a corridor, local
    7  governments that have the interchange within their jurisdictions
    8  shall review the applicable task force report and their local
    9  comprehensive plans adopted under chapter 163 to determine if
   10  the area in and around the interchange contains appropriate land
   11  uses and natural resource protections. To facilitate this review
   12  process, the department shall notify affected local governments
   13  of any advertisement for bids for such interchange construction
   14  projects.
   15         (4)(a)Project construction in any corridor identified in
   16  subsection (2) is not eligible for funding until submission of
   17  the final report of the corridor task force for that corridor
   18  required in subsection (3) and completion of 30 percent of the
   19  design phase of any project within a corridor identified in
   20  subsection (2), except for project phases that are under
   21  construction or for which project alignment has been determined.
   22         (b) Subject to the economic and environmental feasibility
   23  statement requirements of s. 338.223, projects may be funded
   24  through turnpike revenue bonds or right-of-way and bridge
   25  construction bonds or financing by the Florida Department of
   26  Transportation Financing Corporation; by advances from the State
   27  Transportation Trust Fund; with funds obtained through the
   28  creation of public-private partnerships; or any combination
   29  thereof. The department also may accept donations of land for
   30  use as transportation rights-of-way or to secure or use
   31  transportation rights-of-way for such projects in accordance
   32  with s. 337.25. To the extent legally available, any toll
   33  revenues from the turnpike system not required for payment of
   34  principal, interest, reserves, or other required deposits for
   35  bonds; costs of operations and maintenance; other contractual
   36  obligations; or system improvement project costs must be used to
   37  repay advances received from the State Transportation Trust
   38  Fund.
   39         (c)1. Projects undertaken under this section are subject to
   40  the department’s delegated responsibilities under s. 334.044(34)
   41  for environmental review, consultation, or other action required
   42  under any federal environmental law applicable to review or
   43  approval of such projects. For projects that do not receive
   44  federal aid or projects that do not require federal action, the
   45  department must perform a project evaluation that considers the
   46  following:
   47         a. Project purpose and need;
   48         b. An alternatives analysis;
   49         c. Existing conditions of the project area and potential
   50  impacts or enhancements the project may have on social,
   51  economic, cultural, natural, and connectivity issues and
   52  resources;
   53         d. Anticipated permits identified during the project
   54  development and environmental study;
   55         e. Opportunities for stakeholder and regulatory agency
   56  coordination; and
   57         f. Public and agency comments and coordination.
   58         2. At a minimum, for projects constructed under this
   59  section, decisions on matters such as corridor configuration,
   60  project alignment, and interchange locations must be determined
   61  in accordance with applicable department rules, policies, and
   62  procedures.
   63         3. To the maximum extent feasible, corridor configuration,
   64  project alignment, and interchange locations shall be designed
   65  so that project rights-of-way are not located within
   66  conservation lands acquired under the Preservation 2000 Act as
   67  established in s. 259.101, the Florida Forever program as
   68  established in s. 259.105, primary springs protection zones, and
   69  farmland preservation areas designated within local
   70  comprehensive plans adopted under chapter 163.
   72  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   73  And the title is amended as follows:
   74         Delete lines 32 - 47
   75  and insert:
   76         Legislature by a specified date; requiring certain
   77         local governments, within a specified period, to
   78         review the applicable task force report and their
   79         local comprehensive plans to determine if the area in
   80         and around the interchange contains appropriate land
   81         uses and natural resource protections; requiring the
   82         department to notify affected local governments of any
   83         advertisement for bids for such interchange
   84         construction projects; providing specified
   85         requirements that must be met before project
   86         construction in any identified corridor is eligible
   87         for funding; providing exceptions to such
   88         requirements; authorizing sources of funding for the
   89         projects; authorizing the department to accept certain
   90         donations of land for the projects; requiring that
   91         certain toll revenues from the turnpike system be used
   92         to repay advances received from the State
   93         Transportation Trust Fund; providing requirements for
   94         the department relating to certain delegated
   95         responsibilities; requiring the department to perform
   96         a specified project evaluation on certain projects;
   97         requiring that certain decisions on projects be
   98         determined in accordance with applicable department
   99         rules, policies, and procedures; providing design
  100         requirements for corridor configuration, project
  101         alignment, and interchange locations; authorizing the