Florida Senate - 2020                                     SB 458
       By Senator Rodriguez
       37-00374-20                                            2020458__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to the English Language Learner
    3         Advisory Council; creating s. 1003.562, F.S.; creating
    4         the English Language Learner Advisory Council adjunct
    5         to the Department of Education; providing the purpose
    6         of the advisory council; specifying the composition of
    7         the advisory council, the appointment of members, and
    8         the terms they serve; providing meeting requirements;
    9         requiring the advisory council to identify certain
   10         issues; requiring the advisory council to submit an
   11         annual report to the Governor, the Legislature, the
   12         chairs of the State Board of Education and the Board
   13         of Governors, and the Commissioner of Education;
   14         requiring the department to provide staff and
   15         administrative support and to maintain a webpage;
   16         providing an effective date.
   18  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   20         Section 1. Section 1003.562, Florida Statutes, is created
   21  to read:
   22         1003.562English Language Learner Advisory Council.—
   23         (1)The Florida English Language Learner Advisory Council,
   24  an advisory council as defined in s. 20.03, is created adjunct
   25  to the Department of Education for the purpose of providing
   26  recommendations to enhance the education of English language
   27  learners in this state by analyzing data and identifying areas
   28  in which improvement is needed.
   29         (2)Members of the advisory council shall include:
   30         (a)The Commissioner of Education, or his or her designee,
   31  who shall serve as a nonvoting member and be the chair of the
   32  advisory council.
   33         (b)The director of the Office of Policy and Budget of the
   34  Executive Office of the Governor, or his or her designee, who
   35  shall serve as a nonvoting member.
   36         (c)The chair of the Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus,
   37  or his or her designee.
   38         (d)The chair of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus, or
   39  his or her designee.
   40         (e)The chair of the Florida Jewish Legislative Caucus, or
   41  his or her designee.
   42         (f)Thirty members of the public, who shall be appointed by
   43  the Governor, as follows:
   44         1.One member who has professional or occupational
   45  expertise in university-level preparation of English for
   46  Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) or bilingual education
   47  teachers and in second-language research.
   48         2.One member who has professional or occupational
   49  expertise in college-level preparation of special education
   50  teachers and ESOL or bilingual education teachers.
   51         3.One member who has professional or occupational
   52  expertise in implementing in-service programs for teachers of
   53  English language learners.
   54         4.One member who has professional or occupational
   55  expertise as a guidance counselor in a secondary school and in
   56  adult ESOL or bilingual education programs.
   57         5.One member who has professional or occupational
   58  expertise in preparing teachers for early childhood programs
   59  serving dual language learners.
   60         6.One member who has experience as the principal of a
   61  district school with a schoolwide dual language program.
   62         7.One member who is a dual language program administrator
   63  in a district with multiple dual language program tracks
   64  operating under a school-within-a-school model which includes
   65  elementary schools, middle schools, and at least one high
   66  school.
   67         8.One member who is an elementary school ESOL teacher.
   68         9.One member who is a secondary school ESOL teacher.
   69         10.One member who teaches history, mathematics, computer
   70  science, or science to English language learners.
   71         11.Twenty members who have professional or occupational
   72  expertise in, or who are generally knowledgeable about, issues
   73  that relate to programs and services for English language
   74  learners, with one member selected from two nominees from each
   75  of the following organizations:
   76         a.Sunshine State TESOL of Florida.
   77         b.The Florida Association of Bilingual/ESOL Supervisors,
   78  Inc.
   79         c.LULAC Florida.
   80         d.NAACP Florida State Conference.
   81         e.UnidosUS Florida.
   82         f.Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center.
   83         g.Iniciativa Accion Puertorriquena.
   84         h.Florida PTA.
   85         i.The ESOL parent leadership council in the same district
   86  as the member selected from the Florida PTA.
   87         j.A bilingual college located in Florida.
   88         k.The Florida League of Cities.
   89         l.The Florida Foreign Language Association.
   90         m.The Florida Educational Research Association.
   91         n.The Florida School Boards Association.
   92         o.The Florida Policy Institute.
   93         p.The Florida Association for Bilingual Education.
   94         q.A chamber of commerce with members engaged in industries
   95  that require employees with multilingual and multicultural
   96  skills.
   97         r.The Association of Haitian Educators of Dade.
   98         s.The Spanish American League Against Discrimination.
   99         t.The Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organizations.
  100         (g)One member of the Florida Education Association who
  101  shall be appointed by the President of the Senate.
  102         (h)One member with experience as the superintendent of a
  103  school district who shall be appointed by the Speaker of the
  104  House of Representatives.
  105         (i)One member with experience as the principal of a
  106  schoolwide dual language charter school who shall be appointed
  107  by the Commissioner of Education.
  108         (3)(a)Members of the advisory council appointed by the
  109  Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House
  110  of Representatives, and the Commissioner of Education shall
  111  serve 4-year terms, except that initially, to provide for
  112  staggered terms, the Governor shall appoint 15 members to serve
  113  2-year terms.
  114         (b)A vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as the
  115  original appointment. A vacancy occurring on the advisory
  116  council before the expiration of a term shall be filled for the
  117  remainder of the unexpired term. A member of the advisory
  118  council may be reappointed.
  119         (4)Each member of the advisory council shall serve without
  120  compensation but may be reimbursed for per diem and travel
  121  expenses pursuant to s. 112.061.
  122         (5)The advisory council shall hold its first meeting no
  123  later than October 1, 2020, and meet at least once per quarter
  124  thereafter. Meetings may be held via teleconference or other
  125  electronic means. In conducting its meetings, the advisory
  126  council shall use Robert’s Rules of Order.
  127         (6)The advisory council must identify three pressing
  128  English language learner issues, selected by the advisory
  129  council members at their third quarterly meeting each year,
  130  related to the following topics:
  131         (a)Reform initiatives that address statewide English
  132  language learner accountability policies, including research
  133  based assessment accommodations and ESOL program entry and exit
  134  criteria appropriate for English language learners.
  135         (b)Changes to state law, including, but not limited to,
  136  the statutory criteria for awarding the State Seal of
  137  Biliteracy; State Board of Education rules; the state plan
  138  adopted under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA); and
  139  agreements with the federal government which would remove
  140  barriers to or enhance the implementation of education programs
  141  offered to English language learners.
  142         (c)Changes to teacher preparation and credential
  143  standards, professional development and in-service education,
  144  ESOL program models, and instructional materials and strategies.
  145         (d)Methods for increasing parental engagement in English
  146  language learner programs.
  147         (e)Funding allocations for English language learner
  148  programs.
  149         (f)Proposed changes needed in resources allocated to the
  150  State University System to achieve improved outcomes for English
  151  language learners in middle schools and secondary schools, to
  152  increase the graduation rate of English language learners in
  153  this state, and to expand the capabilities of ESOL or bilingual
  154  programs.
  155         (g)Other matters identified by advisory council members.
  156         (7) By November 1, 2021, and annually thereafter, the
  157  advisory council shall submit a written report to the Governor,
  158  the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of
  159  Representatives, the Chair of the State Board of Education, the
  160  Chair of the Board of Governors, and the Commissioner of
  161  Education containing the advisory council’s recommendations on
  162  the issues identified in subsection (6).
  163         (8)The Department of Education shall provide staff and
  164  administrative support for the advisory council and shall
  165  maintain a webpage with meeting materials, hyperlinks to the
  166  parliamentary authority or guidelines explaining key sections of
  167  the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, council report
  168  drafts, and final reports.
  169         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2020.