Florida Senate - 2020                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. PCS (545546) for SB 62
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              

       The Committee on Appropriations (Stargel) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment 
    3         Delete lines 862 - 924
    4  and insert:
    5         1009.31Dual Enrollment Scholarship Program.—
    6         (1) The Legislature finds and declares that dual enrollment
    7  is an integral part of the education system in this state and
    8  should be available for all eligible secondary students without
    9  cost to the student. There is established the Dual Enrollment
   10  Scholarship Program to support public postsecondary institutions
   11  in providing dual enrollment.
   12         (2) The department shall administer the Dual Enrollment
   13  Scholarship Program in accordance with rules of the State Board
   14  of Education.
   15         (3)(a) Beginning in the 2020 fall term, the program shall
   16  reimburse eligible public postsecondary institutions for tuition
   17  and related instructional materials costs for dual enrollment
   18  courses taken by private school or home education program
   19  secondary students during the fall or spring terms.
   20         (b) Beginning in the 2021 summer term, the program shall
   21  reimburse eligible public postsecondary institutions for tuition
   22  and related instructional materials costs for dual enrollment
   23  courses taken by public school, private school, or home
   24  education program secondary students during the summer term.
   25         (4) A student participating in a dual enrollment program
   26  must meet the minimum eligibility requirements specified in s.
   27  1007.271 in order for the institution to receive a
   28  reimbursement.
   29         (5) Annually, by March 15, each participating public
   30  institution must report to the department its eligible secondary
   31  students from private schools or home education programs who
   32  were enrolled during the previous fall or spring terms.
   33  Annually, by July 15, each participating institution must report
   34  to the department its eligible public school, private school, or
   35  home education program students who were enrolled during the
   36  summer term. For each dual enrollment course in which the
   37  student is enrolled, the report must include a unique student
   38  identifier, the postsecondary institution name, the
   39  postsecondary course number, the postsecondary course name, and
   40  the number of postsecondary course credits earned by the
   41  student.
   42         (6)(a) Florida College System institutions shall be
   43  reimbursed for college credit instruction at the in-state
   44  resident tuition rate established in s. 1009.23(3)(a).
   45         (b) State universities shall be reimbursed at the standard
   46  tuition rate established in s. 1009.24(4)(a).
   47         (c) Workforce education instruction leading to a career
   48  certificate or an applied technology diploma shall be reimbursed
   49  at the standard tuition rate established in s. 1009.22(3)(c).
   50         (d) Institutions shall be reimbursed for instructional
   51  materials costs based on a rate as specified in the General
   52  Appropriations Act.
   53         (7) For dual enrollment courses taken during the fall and
   54  spring terms, the department must reimburse institutions by
   55  April 15 of the same year. For dual enrollment courses taken
   56  during the summer term, the department must reimburse
   57  institutions by August 15 of the same year, before the beginning
   58  of the next academic year.
   59         (8) Reimbursement for dual enrollment courses is contingent
   60  upon an appropriation in the General Appropriations Act each
   61  year. If the statewide reimbursement amount is greater than the
   62  appropriation, the institutional reimbursement amounts specified
   63  in subsection (6) shall be prorated among the institutions that
   64  have reported eligible students to the department by the
   65  deadlines specified in subsection (5).
   66         (9) The State Board of Education shall adopt rules to
   67  implement this section.