Florida Senate - 2020                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for HB 7039
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                Floor: 1/AD/2R         .            Floor: C            
             03/10/2020 10:47 AM       .      03/12/2020 12:59 PM       

       Senator Baxley moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete everything after the enacting clause
    4  and insert:
    5         Section 1. Chapters 2003-287 and 2006-43, Laws of Florida,
    6  are repealed.
    7         Section 2. Subsection (4) of section 215.5586, Florida
    8  Statutes, is amended to read:
    9         215.5586 My Safe Florida Home Program.—There is established
   10  within the Department of Financial Services the My Safe Florida
   11  Home Program. The department shall provide fiscal
   12  accountability, contract management, and strategic leadership
   13  for the program, consistent with this section. This section does
   14  not create an entitlement for property owners or obligate the
   15  state in any way to fund the inspection or retrofitting of
   16  residential property in this state. Implementation of this
   17  program is subject to annual legislative appropriations. It is
   18  the intent of the Legislature that the My Safe Florida Home
   19  Program provide trained and certified inspectors to perform
   20  inspections for owners of site-built, single-family, residential
   21  properties and grants to eligible applicants as funding allows.
   22  The program shall develop and implement a comprehensive and
   23  coordinated approach for hurricane damage mitigation that may
   24  include the following:
   25         (4)ADVISORY COUNCIL.—There is created an advisory council
   26  to provide advice and assistance to the department regarding
   27  administration of the program. The advisory council shall
   28  consist of:
   29         (a)A representative of lending institutions, selected by
   30  the Financial Services Commission from a list of at least three
   31  persons recommended by the Florida Bankers Association.
   32         (b)A representative of residential property insurers,
   33  selected by the Financial Services Commission from a list of at
   34  least three persons recommended by the Florida Insurance
   35  Council.
   36         (c)A representative of home builders, selected by the
   37  Financial Services Commission from a list of at least three
   38  persons recommended by the Florida Home Builders Association.
   39         (d)A faculty member of a state university, selected by the
   40  Financial Services Commission, who is an expert in hurricane
   41  resistant construction methodologies and materials.
   42         (e)Two members of the House of Representatives, selected
   43  by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
   44         (f)Two members of the Senate, selected by the President of
   45  the Senate.
   46         (g)The Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Alliance for
   47  Safe Homes, Inc., or his or her designee.
   48         (h)The senior officer of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe
   49  Fund.
   50         (i)The executive director of Citizens Property Insurance
   51  Corporation.
   52         (j)The director of the Florida Division of Emergency
   53  Management.
   55  Members appointed under paragraphs (a)-(d) shall serve at the
   56  pleasure of the Financial Services Commission. Members appointed
   57  under paragraphs (e) and (f) shall serve at the pleasure of the
   58  appointing officer. All other members shall serve as voting ex
   59  officio members. Members of the advisory council shall serve
   60  without compensation but may receive reimbursement as provided
   61  in s. 112.061 for per diem and travel expenses incurred in the
   62  performance of their official duties.
   63         Section 3. Subsection (1) of section 267.0731, Florida
   64  Statutes, is amended to read:
   65         267.0731 Great Floridians Program.—The division shall
   66  establish and administer a program, to be entitled the Great
   67  Floridians Program, which shall be designed to recognize and
   68  record the achievements of Floridians, living and deceased, who
   69  have made major contributions to the progress and welfare of
   70  this state.
   71         (1)(a) The division shall nominate present or former
   72  citizens of this state, living or deceased, who during their
   73  lives have made major contributions to the progress of the
   74  nation or this state and its citizens. Nominations shall be
   75  submitted to the Secretary of State who shall select from those
   76  nominated not less than two persons each year who shall be
   77  honored with the designation “Great Floridian,” provided no
   78  person whose contributions have been through elected or
   79  appointed public service shall be selected while holding any
   80  such office.
   81         (b)(a) To enhance public participation and involvement in
   82  the identification of any person worthy of being nominated as a
   83  Great Floridian, the division shall seek advice and assistance
   84  from persons qualified through the demonstration of special
   85  interest, experience, or education in the dissemination of
   86  knowledge about the state’s history.
   87         (b)Annually, the division shall convene an ad hoc
   88  committee composed of representatives of the Governor, each
   89  member of the Florida Cabinet, the President of the Senate, the
   90  Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Secretary of
   91  State. This committee shall meet at least twice. The committee
   92  shall nominate not fewer than two persons whose names shall be
   93  submitted to the Secretary of State with the recommendation that
   94  they be honored with the designation “Great Floridian.”
   95         Section 4. Subsection (3) of section 373.4597, Florida
   96  Statutes, is amended to read:
   97         373.4597 The Geneva Freshwater Lens Protection Act.—
   98         (3)The Legislature hereby directs the appropriate state
   99  agencies to implement, by December 1, 1995, recommendations of
  100  the Geneva Freshwater Lens Task Force that do not require rule
  101  amendments. The Legislature directs such agencies to act, by
  102  July 1, 1996, upon recommendations of the task force that
  103  require rule amendments, unless otherwise noted in the report.
  104  The requirements of this bill related to actions to be taken by
  105  appropriate state agencies shall not require expenditures to be
  106  made by the government of Seminole County. The St. Johns River
  107  Water Management District shall continue to implement the
  108  recommendations contained in the Geneva Freshwater Lens Task
  109  Force report to the Legislature.
  110         Section 5. Section 376.86, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  111         Section 6. Subsection (3) of section 378.032, Florida
  112  Statutes, is amended to read:
  113         378.032 Definitions.—As used in ss. 378.032-378.038, the
  114  term:
  115         (3)“Committee” means the Nonmandatory Land Reclamation
  116  Committee.
  117         Section 7. Section 378.033, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  118         Section 8. Subsections (5), (6), (7), (9), and (10) of
  119  section 378.034, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
  120         378.034 Submission of a reclamation program request;
  121  procedures.—
  122         (5)(a) The department staff shall, by February 1 of each
  123  year, present to the secretary committee for his or her its
  124  consideration those reclamation program applications received by
  125  the preceding November 1.
  126         (b) The department staff shall recommend an order of
  127  priority for the reclamation program applications that is
  128  consistent with subsection (6).
  129         (c) The recommendation of the department staff shall
  130  include an estimate of the cost of each reclamation program or
  131  land acquisition.
  132         (6) The committee shall recommend approval, modification,
  133  or denial of the reclamation program applications, associated
  134  cost estimates, and the department staff’s recommended
  135  prioritized list. Recommendations on the order of priority shall
  136  be based, among other criteria, on the following criteria;
  137  however, department staff the committee may give greater weight
  138  to one or more of the criteria depending on the overall needs of
  139  the nonmandatory land reclamation program:
  140         (a) Whether health and safety hazards exist; and, if so,
  141  such hazards shall be given the greatest weight;
  142         (b) Whether the economic or environmental utility or the
  143  aesthetic value of the land will return naturally within a
  144  reasonable period of time;
  145         (c) Whether there is a reasonable geographic and applicant
  146  diversity in light of previously awarded reclamation contracts,
  147  reclamation program applications before the department staff
  148  committee, and the remaining eligible lands;
  149         (d) Whether reclamation is in the public interest;
  150         (e) Whether the land has been naturally reclaimed or is
  151  eligible for acquisition by the state for hunting, fishing, or
  152  other outdoor recreation purposes or for wildlife preservation;
  153         (f) Whether the land is to be reclaimed for agricultural
  154  use and the applicant has agreed to maintain the land in
  155  agricultural use for at least 5 years after the completion of
  156  the reclamation;
  157         (g) Whether the program, alone or in conjunction with other
  158  reclamation programs, will provide a substantial regional
  159  benefit;
  160         (h) Whether the program, alone or in conjunction with other
  161  reclamation programs, will benefit regional drainage patterns;
  162         (i) Whether the land is publicly owned and will be
  163  reclaimed for public purposes;
  164         (j) Whether the program includes a donation or agreement to
  165  sell a portion of the program application area to the state for
  166  outdoor recreational or wildlife habitat protection purposes;
  167         (k) Whether the program is cost-effective in achieving the
  168  goals of the nonmandatory land reclamation program; and
  169         (l) Whether the program will reclaim lands described in
  170  subsection (2).
  171         (7) The prioritized list developed by department staff
  172  approved by the committee may contain more reclamation program
  173  applications than there are funds available during the year.
  174         (9) The committee recommendations shall be submitted to the
  175  secretary by April 1 of each year for final agency action By
  176  June 1 of each that year,. the secretary shall approve, in whole
  177  or in part, the list of reclamation program applications in the
  178  order of priority in which the applications are presented by
  179  department staff.
  180         (10) Any approved reclamation program application that was
  181  not funded shall, at the request of the applicant, be considered
  182  by department staff the committee at its next meeting called for
  183  that purpose, together with other reclamation program
  184  applications received by November 1 of the next year.
  185         Section 9. Section 379.2524, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  186         Section 10. Paragraph (b) of subsection (4) of section
  187  379.361, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  188         379.361 Licenses.—
  190         (b) The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is
  191  authorized to issue special activity licenses in accordance with
  192  this section and s. 379.2524, to permit the importation and
  193  possession of wild anadromous sturgeon. The commission is also
  194  authorized to issue special activity licenses, in accordance
  195  with this section and s. 379.2524, to permit the importation,
  196  possession, and aquaculture of native and nonnative anadromous
  197  sturgeon until best management practices are implemented for the
  198  cultivation of anadromous sturgeon pursuant to s. 597.004. The
  199  special activity license shall provide for specific management
  200  practices to protect native populations of saltwater species.
  201         Section 11. Paragraph (b) of subsection (2) of section
  202  379.367, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  203         379.367 Spiny lobster; regulation.—
  204         (2)
  205         (b) Twenty-five dollars of the $125 fee for a spiny lobster
  206  endorsement required under subparagraph (a)1. must be used only
  207  for trap retrieval as provided in s. 379.2424. The remainder of
  208  the fees collected under paragraph (a) shall be deposited as
  209  follows:
  210         1. Fifty percent of the fees collected shall be deposited
  211  in the Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund for use in
  212  enforcing the provisions of paragraph (a) through aerial and
  213  other surveillance and trap retrieval.
  214         2. Fifty percent of the fees collected shall be deposited
  215  as provided in s. 379.3671(4) s. 379.3671(5).
  216         Section 12. Subsection (4) of section 379.3671, Florida
  217  Statutes, is amended to read:
  218         379.3671 Spiny lobster trap certificate program.—
  220  There is hereby established the Trap Certificate Technical
  221  Advisory and Appeals Board. Such board shall consider and advise
  222  the commission on disputes and other problems arising from the
  223  implementation of the spiny lobster trap certificate program.
  224  The board may also provide information to the commission on the
  225  operation of the trap certificate program.
  226         (a)The board shall consist of the executive director of
  227  the commission or designee and nine other members appointed by
  228  the executive director, according to the following criteria:
  229         1.All appointed members shall be certificateholders, but
  230  two shall be holders of fewer than 100 certificates, two shall
  231  be holders of at least 100 but no more than 750 certificates,
  232  three shall be holders of more than 750 but not more than 2,000
  233  certificates, and two shall be holders of more than 2,000
  234  certificates.
  235         2.At least one member each shall come from Broward, Miami
  236  Dade, and Palm Beach Counties; and five members shall come from
  237  the various regions of the Florida Keys.
  238         3.At least one appointed member shall be a person of
  239  Hispanic origin capable of speaking English and Spanish.
  240         (b)The term of each appointed member shall be for 4 years,
  241  and any vacancy shall be filled for the balance of the unexpired
  242  term with a person of the qualifications necessary to maintain
  243  the requirements of paragraph (a). There shall be no limitation
  244  on successive appointments to the board.
  245         (c)The executive director of the commission or designee
  246  shall serve as a member and shall call the organizational
  247  meeting of the board. The board shall annually elect a chair and
  248  a vice chair. There shall be no limitation on successive terms
  249  that may be served by a chair or vice chair. The board shall
  250  meet at the call of its chair, at the request of a majority of
  251  its membership, at the request of the commission, or at such
  252  times as may be prescribed by its rules. A majority of the board
  253  shall constitute a quorum, and official action of the board
  254  shall require a majority vote of the total membership of the
  255  board present at the meeting.
  256         (d)The procedural rules adopted by the board shall conform
  257  to the requirements of chapter 120.
  258         (e)Members of the board shall be reimbursed for per diem
  259  and travel expenses as provided in s. 112.061.
  260         (f)Upon reaching a decision on any dispute or problem
  261  brought before it, including any decision involving the
  262  allotment of certificates under paragraph (g), the board shall
  263  submit such decision to the executive director of the commission
  264  for final approval. The executive director of the commission may
  265  alter or disapprove any decision of the board, with notice
  266  thereof given in writing to the board and to each party in the
  267  dispute explaining the reasons for the disapproval. The action
  268  of the executive director of the commission constitutes final
  269  agency action.
  270         (g)In addition to those certificates allotted pursuant to
  271  the provisions of subparagraph (2)(a)1., up to 125,000
  272  certificates may be allotted by the board to settle disputes or
  273  other problems arising from implementation of the trap
  274  certificate program during the 1992-1993 and 1993-1994 license
  275  years. Any certificates not allotted by March 31, 1994, shall
  276  become permanently unavailable and shall be considered as part
  277  of the 1994-1995 reduction schedule. All appeals for additional
  278  certificates or other disputes must be filed with the board
  279  before October 1, 1993.
  280         (h)Any trap certificates issued by the Department of
  281  Environmental Protection and, effective July 1, 1999, the
  282  commission as a result of the appeals process must be added to
  283  the existing number of trap certificates for the purposes of
  284  determining the total number of certificates from which the
  285  subsequent season’s trap reduction is calculated.
  286         (i)On and after July 1, 1994, the board shall no longer
  287  consider and advise the Fish and Wildlife Conservation
  288  Commission on disputes and other problems arising from
  289  implementation of the trap certificate program nor allot any
  290  certificates with respect thereto.
  291         Section 13. Section 403.42, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  292         Section 14. Section 403.87, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  293         Section 15. Paragraph (h) of subsection (11) of section
  294  408.910, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  295         408.910 Florida Health Choices Program.—
  296         (11) CORPORATION.—There is created the Florida Health
  297  Choices, Inc., which shall be registered, incorporated,
  298  organized, and operated in compliance with part III of chapter
  299  112 and chapters 119, 286, and 617. The purpose of the
  300  corporation is to administer the program created in this section
  301  and to conduct such other business as may further the
  302  administration of the program.
  303         (h)The corporation may establish technical advisory panels
  304  consisting of interested parties, including consumers, health
  305  care providers, individuals with expertise in insurance
  306  regulation, and insurers.
  307         Section 16. Subsection (3) of section 409.997, Florida
  308  Statutes, is amended to read:
  309         409.997 Child welfare results-oriented accountability
  310  program.—
  311         (3)The department shall establish a technical advisory
  312  panel consisting of representatives from the Florida Institute
  313  for Child Welfare established pursuant to s. 1004.615, lead
  314  agencies, community-based care providers, other contract
  315  providers, community alliances, and family representatives. The
  316  President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of
  317  Representatives shall each appoint a member to serve as a
  318  legislative liaison to the panel. The technical advisory panel
  319  shall advise the department on the implementation of the
  320  results-oriented accountability program.
  321         Section 17. Section 411.226, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  322         Section 18. Section 430.05, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  323         Section 19. Subsection (7) of section 571.24, Florida
  324  Statutes, is amended to read:
  325         571.24 Purpose; duties of the department.—The purpose of
  326  this part is to authorize the department to establish and
  327  coordinate the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign. The
  328  Legislature intends for the Florida Agricultural Promotional
  329  Campaign to serve as a marketing program to promote Florida
  330  agricultural commodities, value-added products, and
  331  agricultural-related businesses and not as a food safety or
  332  traceability program. The duties of the department shall
  333  include, but are not limited to:
  334         (7)Assisting the representative of the department who
  335  serves on the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign Advisory
  336  Council.
  337         Section 20. Section 571.28, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  338         Section 21. Section 595.701, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  339         Section 22. Section 603.203, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  340         Section 23. Section 603.204, Florida Statutes, is amended
  341  to read:
  342         603.204 South Florida Tropical Fruit Plan.—The Commissioner
  343  of Agriculture, in consultation with the Tropical Fruit Advisory
  344  Council, shall develop and update a South Florida Tropical Fruit
  345  Plan, which shall identify problems and constraints of the
  346  tropical fruit industry, propose possible solutions to such
  347  problems, and develop planning mechanisms for orderly growth of
  348  the industry, including:
  349         (1) Criteria for tropical fruit research, service, and
  350  management priorities.
  351         (2) Proposed legislation that may be required.
  352         (3) Plans relating to other tropical fruit programs and
  353  related disciplines in the State University System.
  354         (4) Potential tropical fruit products in terms of market
  355  and needs for development.
  356         (5) Evaluation of production and fresh fruit policy
  357  alternatives, including, but not limited to, setting minimum
  358  grades and standards, promotion and advertising, development of
  359  production and marketing strategies, and setting minimum
  360  standards on types and quality of nursery plants.
  361         (6) Evaluation of policy alternatives for processed
  362  tropical fruit products, including, but not limited to, setting
  363  minimum quality standards and development of production and
  364  marketing strategies.
  365         (7) Research and service priorities for further development
  366  of the tropical fruit industry.
  367         (8) Identification of state agencies and public and private
  368  institutions concerned with research, education, extension,
  369  services, planning, promotion, and marketing functions related
  370  to tropical fruit development, and delineation of contributions
  371  and responsibilities. The recommendations in the plan relating
  372  to education or research shall be submitted to the Institute of
  373  Food and Agricultural Sciences.
  374         (9) Business planning, investment potential, financial
  375  risks, and economics of production and use.
  376         Section 24. Paragraphs (a) through (f) of subsection (4) of
  377  section 1001.7065, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
  378         1001.7065 Preeminent state research universities program.—
  380  ONLINE LEARNING.—A state research university that, as of July 1,
  381  2013, meets all 12 of the academic and research excellence
  382  standards identified in subsection (2), as verified by the Board
  383  of Governors, shall establish an institute for online learning.
  384  The institute shall establish a robust offering of high-quality,
  385  fully online baccalaureate degree programs at an affordable cost
  386  in accordance with this subsection.
  387         (a)By August 1, 2013, the Board of Governors shall convene
  388  an advisory board to support the development of high-quality,
  389  fully online baccalaureate degree programs at the university.
  390         (b)The advisory board shall:
  391         1.Offer expert advice, as requested by the university, in
  392  the development and implementation of a business plan to expand
  393  the offering of high-quality, fully online baccalaureate degree
  394  programs.
  395         2.Advise the Board of Governors on the release of funding
  396  to the university upon approval by the Board of Governors of the
  397  plan developed by the university.
  398         3.Monitor, evaluate, and report on the implementation of
  399  the plan to the Board of Governors, the Governor, the President
  400  of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  401         (c)The advisory board shall be composed of the following
  402  five members:
  403         1.The chair of the Board of Governors or the chair’s
  404  permanent designee.
  405         2.A member with expertise in online learning, appointed by
  406  the Board of Governors.
  407         3.A member with expertise in global marketing, appointed
  408  by the Governor.
  409         4.A member with expertise in cloud virtualization,
  410  appointed by the President of the Senate.
  411         5.A member with expertise in disruptive innovation,
  412  appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  413         (d)The president of the university shall be consulted on
  414  the advisory board member appointments.
  415         (e)A majority of the advisory board shall constitute a
  416  quorum, elect the chair, and appoint an executive director.
  417         (f)By September 1, 2013, the university shall submit to
  418  the advisory board a comprehensive plan to expand high-quality,
  419  fully online baccalaureate degree program offerings. The plan
  420  shall include:
  421         1.Existing on-campus general education courses and
  422  baccalaureate degree programs that will be offered online.
  423         2.New courses that will be developed and offered online.
  424         3.Support services that will be offered to students
  425  enrolled in online baccalaureate degree programs.
  426         4.A tuition and fee structure that meets the requirements
  427  in paragraph (k) for online courses, baccalaureate degree
  428  programs, and student support services.
  429         5.A timeline for offering, marketing, and enrolling
  430  students in the online baccalaureate degree programs.
  431         6.A budget for developing and marketing the online
  432  baccalaureate degree programs.
  433         7.Detailed strategies for ensuring the success of students
  434  and the sustainability of the online baccalaureate degree
  435  programs.
  437  Upon recommendation of the plan by the advisory board and
  438  approval by the Board of Governors, the Board of Governors shall
  439  award the university $10 million in nonrecurring funds and $5
  440  million in recurring funds for fiscal year 2013-2014 and $5
  441  million annually thereafter, subject to appropriation in the
  442  General Appropriations Act.
  443         Section 25. Section 1002.77, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
  444         Section 26. Subsection (11) of section 1002.83, Florida
  445  Statutes, is amended to read:
  446         1002.83 Early learning coalitions.—
  447         (11) Each early learning coalition shall establish terms
  448  for all appointed members of the coalition. The terms must be
  449  staggered and must be a uniform length that does not exceed 4
  450  years per term. Coalition chairs shall be appointed for 4 years
  451  in conjunction with their membership on the Early Learning
  452  Advisory Council pursuant to s. 20.052. Appointed members may
  453  serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. When a vacancy occurs
  454  in an appointed position, the coalition must advertise the
  455  vacancy.
  456         Section 27. This act shall take effect July 1, 2020.
  458  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  459  And the title is amended as follows:
  460         Delete everything before the enacting clause
  461  and insert:
  462                        A bill to be entitled                      
  463         An act relating to the repeal of advisory bodies and
  464         programs; repealing chapters 2003-287 and 2006-43,
  465         Laws of Florida, relating to the membership, powers,
  466         and duties of the Citrus/Hernando Waterways
  467         Restoration Council; amending s. 215.5586, F.S.;
  468         deleting the advisory council for the My Safe Florida
  469         Home Program; amending s. 267.0731, F.S.; removing the
  470         ad hoc committee that nominates persons for
  471         designation as Great Floridian; amending s. 373.4597,
  472         F.S.; deleting references to the Geneva Freshwater
  473         Lens Task Force; repealing s. 376.86, F.S., relating
  474         to the Brownfield Areas Loan Guarantee Council and
  475         program; amending s. 378.032, F.S.; deleting a
  476         definition to conform to changes made by the act;
  477         repealing s. 378.033, F.S., relating to the
  478         Nonmandatory Land Reclamation Committee; amending s.
  479         378.034, F.S.; conforming provisions to changes made
  480         by the act; repealing s. 379.2524, F.S., relating to
  481         the Sturgeon Production Working Group; amending ss.
  482         379.361 and 379.367, F.S.; conforming cross
  483         references; amending s. 379.3671, F.S.; deleting the
  484         Trap Certificate Technical Advisory and Appeals Board;
  485         repealing s. 403.42, F.S., relating to the Clean Fuel
  486         Florida Advisory Board; repealing s. 403.87, F.S.,
  487         relating to the technical advisory council for water
  488         and domestic wastewater operator certification;
  489         amending s. 408.910, F.S.; deleting references to
  490         technical advisory panels that may be established by
  491         Florida Health Choices, Inc.; amending s. 409.997,
  492         F.S.; deleting the child welfare results-oriented
  493         accountability program technical advisory panel;
  494         repealing s. 411.226, F.S., relating to the Learning
  495         Gateway program and steering committee; repealing s.
  496         430.05, F.S., relating to the Department of Elderly
  497         Affairs Advisory Council; amending s. 571.24, F.S.;
  498         conforming a provision to changes made by the act;
  499         repealing s. 571.28, F.S., relating to the Florida
  500         Agricultural Promotional Campaign Advisory Council;
  501         repealing s. 595.701, F.S., relating to the Healthy
  502         Schools for Healthy Lives Council; repealing s.
  503         603.203, F.S., relating to the Tropical Fruit Advisory
  504         Council; amending s. 603.204, F.S.; conforming a
  505         provision to changes made by the act; amending s.
  506         1001.7065, F.S.; deleting the advisory board to
  507         support specific online degree programs at preeminent
  508         state research universities; repealing s. 1002.77,
  509         F.S., relating to the Florida Early Learning Advisory
  510         Council; amending s. 1002.83, F.S.; conforming a
  511         provision to changes made by the act; providing an
  512         effective date.