Florida Senate - 2021                             (NP)    SR 150
       By Senator Diaz
       36-00429-21                                            2021150__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution renouncing democratic socialism in favor
    3         of the true American values of individual liberty and
    4         democracy.
    6         WHEREAS, since its inception, the United States has adhered
    7  to the rule of law, embracing constitutional democracy and
    8  individual liberty, and
    9         WHEREAS, the rule of law ensures that citizens can
   10  participate in regulation through the election of their
   11  representatives, thereby protecting their real and personal
   12  property against unreasonable taxation, and
   13         WHEREAS, individual liberty includes the freedom of a
   14  citizen to engage in, and benefit from, the labor of his or her
   15  own hands, and
   16         WHEREAS, in the words of statesman, lawyer, diplomat,
   17  philosopher, and Founding Father James Madison, who served as
   18  our nation’s fourth president, “As a man is said to have a right
   19  to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in
   20  his rights,” and
   21         WHEREAS, all of the citizens of this great nation benefit
   22  from limiting the imposition of regulation on industry and
   23  supporting capitalism as a means of increasing the strength of
   24  our economy, and
   25         WHEREAS, in 2020, the International Monetary Fund reported
   26  that the economy of the United States remains the largest in the
   27  world at $20.49 trillion, surpassing such competitors as China
   28  at $13.4 trillion, Japan at $4.97 trillion, and Germany at $4
   29  trillion, and
   30         WHEREAS, in contrast to the true American values of
   31  individual liberty and democracy, democratic socialism is a
   32  political and economic theory of social organization which
   33  advocates the ownership or regulation of production,
   34  distribution, and exchange by the community as a whole, and
   35         WHEREAS, in many nations that have relied upon democratic
   36  socialism to improve the lives of their citizens, the result has
   37  been economic and social chaos, an extraordinarily low standard
   38  of living for the vast majority, and the lack of individual
   39  freedoms for all, NOW, THEREFORE,
   41  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   43         That democratic socialism is renounced in favor of the true
   44  American values of individual liberty and democracy.