Florida Senate - 2021                                     SB 840
       By Senator Gruters
       23-00511-21                                            2021840__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to bingo; amending s. 849.0931, F.S.;
    3         revising the definition of the terms “deal,” “flare,”
    4         and “instant bingo”; increasing the cap on instant
    5         bingo ticket prices; providing requirements for
    6         electronic instant bingo tickets and devices that
    7         display electronic instant bingo tickets; prohibiting
    8         persons from engaging in the manufacture or
    9         distribution of instant bingo tickets under certain
   10         circumstances; conforming provisions to changes made
   11         by the act; providing an effective date.
   13  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   15         Section 1. Paragraphs (d), (e), and (f) of subsection (1)
   16  and subsection (13) of section 849.0931, Florida Statutes, are
   17  amended to read:
   18         849.0931 Bingo authorized; conditions for conduct;
   19  permitted uses of proceeds; limitations.—
   20         (1) As used in this section:
   21         (d) “Deal” means a separate set or package of not more than
   22  25,000 4,000 instant bingo tickets in which the predetermined
   23  minimum prize payout is at least 65 percent of the total
   24  receipts from the sale of the entire deal.
   25         (e) “Flare” means the board, or placard, or digital display
   26  that accompanies each deal of instant bingo tickets and that
   27  displays has printed on or affixed to it the following
   28  information:
   29         1. The game name.
   30         2. The manufacturer’s name or distinctive logo.
   31         3. The form number.
   32         4. The ticket count.
   33         5. The prize structure, including the number of symbols or
   34  number combinations for winning instant bingo tickets by
   35  denomination, with their respective winning symbols or number
   36  combinations.
   37         6. The cost per play.
   38         7. The game serial number.
   39         (f) “Instant bingo” means a form of bingo that is played at
   40  the same location as bingo, using electronic or paper tickets by
   41  which a player wins a prize by opening and removing a cover from
   42  the ticket to reveal a set of numbers, letters, objects, or
   43  patterns, some of which have been designated in advance as prize
   44  winners.
   45         (13)(a) Instant bingo tickets must be sold at the price
   46  displayed printed on the ticket or on the game flare by the
   47  manufacturer, not to exceed $5 $1. Discounts may not be given
   48  for the purchase of multiple tickets, nor may tickets be given
   49  away free of charge.
   50         (b) Each deal of instant bingo tickets must be accompanied
   51  by a flare, and the flare must be made available to the player
   52  posted before the sale of any tickets in that deal.
   53         (c) Each instant bingo ticket in a deal must bear the same
   54  serial number, and there may not be more than one serial number
   55  in each deal. Serial numbers displayed printed on a deal of
   56  instant bingo tickets may not be repeated by the manufacturer on
   57  the same form for a period of 3 years.
   58         (d) For paper instant bingo tickets, the serial number for
   59  each deal must be clearly and legibly placed on the outside of
   60  each deal’s package, box, or other container.
   61         (e) Paper instant bingo tickets manufactured, sold, or
   62  distributed in this state must comply with the applicable
   63  standards on pull-tabs of the North American Gaming Regulators
   64  Association, as amended.
   65         (f) Except as provided under paragraph (e), a paper an
   66  instant bingo ticket manufactured, sold, or distributed in this
   67  state must:
   68         1. Be manufactured so that it is not possible to identify
   69  whether it is a winning or losing instant bingo ticket until it
   70  has been opened by the player as intended.
   71         2. Be manufactured using at least a two-ply paper stock
   72  construction so that the instant bingo ticket is opaque.
   73         3. Have the form number, the deal’s serial number, and the
   74  name or logo of the manufacturer conspicuously printed on the
   75  face or cover of the instant bingo ticket.
   76         4. Have a form of winner protection that allows the
   77  organization to verify, after the instant bingo ticket has been
   78  played, that the winning instant bingo ticket presented for
   79  payment is an authentic winning instant bingo ticket for the
   80  deal in play. The manufacturer shall provide a written
   81  description of the winner protection with each deal of instant
   82  bingo tickets.
   83         (g) Each manufacturer and distributor that sells or
   84  distributes paper instant bingo tickets in this state to
   85  charitable, nonprofit, or veterans’ organizations shall prepare
   86  an invoice that contains the following information:
   87         1. Date of sale.
   88         2. Form number and serial number of each deal sold.
   89         3. Number of instant bingo tickets in each deal sold.
   90         4. Name of distributor or organization to whom each deal is
   91  sold.
   92         5. Price of each deal sold.
   94  All information contained on an invoice must be maintained by
   95  the distributor or manufacturer for 3 years.
   96         (h) The invoice, or a true and accurate copy thereof, must
   97  be on the premises where any deal of instant bingo tickets is
   98  stored or in play.
   99         (i)Electronic instant bingo tickets must be nontransparent
  100  until the electronic ticket is opened by the player in
  101  electronic form and may be sold or distributed only by
  102  charitable, nonprofit, or veterans’ organizations. Electronic
  103  instant bingo tickets may be sold only after the software for
  104  such tickets has been independently analyzed and certified to be
  105  compliant with this section by a nationally recognized
  106  independent gaming laboratory.
  107         (j)Devices that display electronic instant bingo tickets
  108  must be affixed to a set location on property authorized to hold
  109  bingo games or instant bingo games under subsection (11).
  110         (k)A person may not engage in the manufacture or
  111  distribution of instant bingo tickets if the person:
  112         1.Has violated, or failed or refused to comply with, this
  113  section, chapter 24, chapter 550, or chapter 551 or has
  114  knowingly allowed, caused, aided, abetted, or conspired with
  115  another person to cause that person to violate this section,
  116  chapter 24, chapter 550, or chapter 551.
  117         2.Has engaged in any act or practice to defraud or cheat a
  118  person, including using a device or scheme to defraud or cheat a
  119  person.
  120         3.Has previously conducted illegal gambling or gaming
  121  activity in any jurisdiction.
  122         4.Has demonstrated willful disregard for complying with
  123  ordinances, statutes, rules, or court orders in any
  124  jurisdiction, whether at the local, state, or federal level.
  125         5.Poses a threat to the effective regulation of bingo or
  126  creates or increases the likelihood of unfair or illegal
  127  practices, methods, or activities in the conduct of bingo
  128  activities, as demonstrated by:
  129         a.Prior activities;
  130         b.A criminal record;
  131         c.Reputation;
  132         d.Habits; or
  133         e.Associations.
  134         6.Has knowingly provided goods or services to a person who
  135  illegally conducts gaming activities.
  136         (l)A person may not engage in the manufacture or
  137  distribution of instant bingo software provided in whole or in
  138  part by any person prohibited from engaging in the manufacture
  139  or distribution of instant bingo software under this section.
  140         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2021.