Florida Senate - 2022                                    SB 1916
       By Senator Taddeo
       40-00250B-22                                          20221916__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to the Hunger-Free Campus Grant
    3         Program; providing a short title; creating s.
    4         1004.092, F.S.; defining terms; establishing the
    5         Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program within the Department
    6         of Agriculture and Consumer Services; providing the
    7         purpose of the grant program; requiring the
    8         Commissioner of Agriculture to annually designate
    9         eligible public postsecondary educational institution
   10         campuses as Hunger-Free Campuses; providing that the
   11         designation remains in place until the commissioner
   12         makes a determination that a campus is no longer
   13         eligible and revokes the designation; providing
   14         eligibility requirements for a public postsecondary
   15         educational institution to participate in the program;
   16         providing modified requirements for certain
   17         institutions; requiring the commissioner, subject to
   18         the appropriation of funds, to award grants to public
   19         postsecondary educational institutions that have one
   20         or more campuses designated as a Hunger-Free Campus;
   21         requiring the commissioner to determine grant amounts;
   22         requiring the commissioner to prioritize grants to
   23         public postsecondary educational institutions with the
   24         highest percentages of eligible Pell Grant recipients
   25         enrolled in the student body; specifying the purposes
   26         for which grants must be used; requiring grant
   27         recipients to submit reports to the department on how
   28         grant awards were used; requiring the commissioner to
   29         submit a report to the Governor and the Legislature by
   30         a specified date; specifying requirements for the
   31         report; requiring the department to adopt rules;
   32         providing an effective date.
   34  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   36         Section 1. This act may be cited as the “Hunger-Free Campus
   37  Act.”
   38         Section 2. Section 1004.092, Florida Statutes, is created
   39  to read:
   40         1004.092Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program.—
   41         (1)For purposes of this section, the term:
   42         (a)“Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Agriculture.
   43         (b)“Department” means the Department of Agriculture and
   44  Consumer Services.
   45         (2)The Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program is established
   46  within the department. The purpose of the program is to support
   47  efforts to fight hunger on the campuses of public postsecondary
   48  educational institutions.
   49         (3)The commissioner shall annually designate as Hunger
   50  Free Campuses those public postsecondary educational institution
   51  campuses that meet the applicable eligibility requirements
   52  specified in subsection (4). The designation remains in place
   53  until the commissioner makes a determination that a campus is no
   54  longer eligible and revokes the designation.
   55         (4)(a)The administration of a public postsecondary
   56  educational institution that awards baccalaureate or higher
   57  degrees must do all of the following for the campus to be
   58  eligible to participate in the program:
   59         1.Establish a hunger task force, which includes
   60  representatives from the student body and which meets a minimum
   61  of three times each academic year, to set a minimum of two
   62  annual goals to address hunger on campus, each with an action
   63  plan.
   64         2.Designate a staff member responsible for assisting
   65  students with enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition
   66  Assistance Program (SNAP) as defined in s. 414.456(1).
   67         3.Provide options for students to use SNAP benefits at
   68  campus stores or provide students with information on
   69  establishments in the area surrounding the campus where they can
   70  use SNAP electronic benefits transfer cards.
   71         4.Host an activity or event during Hunger and Homelessness
   72  Awareness Week to promote awareness of hunger on this nation’s
   73  campuses.
   74         5.Provide at least one physical food pantry on campus or
   75  enable students to receive food at no cost through a separate,
   76  stigma-free process. The campus may partner with a local food
   77  bank or food pantry to meet this requirement.
   78         6.Develop a student meal credit donation program or
   79  designate a certain amount of funds for free food vouchers which
   80  might otherwise be raised through such a program.
   81         7.Annually conduct a student survey on hunger, developed
   82  by the department, and submit the results of the survey and a
   83  best practices campus profile to the department at a date
   84  prescribed by the department for inclusion in a comparative
   85  profile of each campus designated as a Hunger-Free Campus.
   86         (b)The administration of a public postsecondary
   87  educational institution that awards degrees no higher than an
   88  associate degree must meet the requirements of subparagraphs
   89  (a)1., 2., 4., 5., and 7. for the campus to be eligible for
   90  participation in the program.
   91         (5)(a)Subject to the appropriation of funds by the
   92  Legislature, the commissioner shall award grants on a
   93  competitive basis to public postsecondary educational
   94  institutions that have one or more campuses designated as a
   95  Hunger-Free Campus.
   96         (b)The commissioner shall determine the amount of each
   97  grant, prioritizing grants made to public postsecondary
   98  educational institutions with the highest percentages of
   99  eligible Pell Grant recipients enrolled in the student body.
  100         (c)Grants awarded pursuant to this subsection must be used
  101  to:
  102         1.Address student hunger;
  103         2.Promote sustainable solutions to address basic food
  104  needs on campus;
  105         3.Raise awareness of services currently offered on campus
  106  which address basic food needs; and
  107         4.Build partnerships at the local, state, and national
  108  levels to address food insecurity among public postsecondary
  109  students.
  110         (d)Grant recipients shall submit a report to the
  111  department, in the manner the department prescribes, which
  112  describes how grant awards were used.
  113         (6)The commissioner shall submit a report on the program
  114  to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of
  115  the House of Representatives by July 1, 2024. The report must
  116  include, but need not be limited to, the number and amounts of
  117  grants awarded; the impact of the program on establishing
  118  Hunger-Free Campuses at public postsecondary educational
  119  institutions; the impact of the program on reducing the number
  120  of students experiencing food insecurity; and recommendations
  121  regarding funding for the program.
  122         (7)The department shall adopt rules to implement the
  123  program.
  124         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2022.