Florida Senate - 2022                             (NP)    SR 240
       By Senator Passidomo
       28-00397A-22                                           2022240__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing November 13-19, 2022, as
    3         “Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness Week” in Florida.
    5         WHEREAS, thyroid eye disease (TED) is a serious,
    6  progressive, and rare autoimmune condition in which the body’s
    7  immune system mistakenly attacks healthy muscle and fat tissue
    8  behind the eye, causing inflammation and the formation of scar
    9  tissue, and
   10         WHEREAS, people living with TED often have debilitating
   11  symptoms of eye bulging, double vision, blurred vision, pain,
   12  and facial disfigurement, and can develop blindness in severe
   13  cases, and
   14         WHEREAS, people living with TED often experience long-term
   15  functional, psychosocial, and economic burdens, including the
   16  inability to work or perform daily activities, and
   17         WHEREAS, TED is a vision-threatening condition that can
   18  worsen over time and, in the general population, is estimated to
   19  have a prevalence of 16 per 100,000 women and 2.9 per 100,000
   20  men, and
   21         WHEREAS, a diagnosis of TED is based upon identification of
   22  characteristic symptoms, a detailed patient history, a thorough
   23  clinical evaluation, and a variety of specialized tests, and
   24         WHEREAS, there is a genetic component to the condition, and
   25  people who have a family history of TED or a family history of
   26  autoimmune disease are at a greater risk of developing the
   27  condition, but the exact underlying process by which TED occurs
   28  is not fully understood, NOW, THEREFORE,
   30  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   32         That November 13-19, 2022, is recognized as “Thyroid Eye
   33  Disease Awareness Week” in Florida.