Florida Senate - 2022             CONFERENCE COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 2508, 1st Eng.
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                 Floor: AD/CR          .           Floor: AD            
             03/14/2022 12:12 PM       .      03/14/2022 12:54 PM       

       The Conference Committee on SB 2508, 1st Eng. recommended the
    1         Senate Conference Committee Amendment (with title
    2  amendment)
    4         Delete everything after the enacting clause
    5  and insert:
    6         Section 1. Effective upon this act becoming a law,
    7  paragraph (b) of subsection (8) of section 373.026, Florida
    8  Statutes, is amended to read:
    9         373.026 General powers and duties of the department.—The
   10  department, or its successor agency, shall be responsible for
   11  the administration of this chapter at the state level. However,
   12  it is the policy of the state that, to the greatest extent
   13  possible, the department may enter into interagency or
   14  interlocal agreements with any other state agency, any water
   15  management district, or any local government conducting programs
   16  related to or materially affecting the water resources of the
   17  state. All such agreements shall be subject to the provisions of
   18  s. 373.046. In addition to its other powers and duties, the
   19  department shall, to the greatest extent possible:
   20         (8)
   21         (b) To ensure to the greatest extent possible that project
   22  components will go forward as planned, the department shall
   23  collaborate with the South Florida Water Management District in
   24  implementing the comprehensive plan as defined in s.
   25  373.470(2)(b), the Lake Okeechobee Watershed Protection Plan as
   26  defined in s. 373.4595(2), and the River Watershed Protection
   27  Plans as defined in s. 373.4595(2). Before any project component
   28  is submitted to Congress for authorization or receives an
   29  appropriation of state funds, the department must approve, or
   30  approve with amendments, each project component within 60 days
   31  following formal submittal of the project component to the
   32  department. Prior to the release of state funds for the
   33  implementation of the comprehensive plan, department approval
   34  shall be based upon a determination of the South Florida Water
   35  Management District’s compliance with s. 373.1501(5) and (7).
   36  Additionally, each budget amendment requesting the release of
   37  state funds for the implementation of a project component or a
   38  water control plan or regulation schedule required for the
   39  operation of the project shall be contingent on the submission
   40  of the certification required in s. 373.1501(7). Nothing in this
   41  paragraph shall constitute a final agency action challengeable
   42  under chapter 120. Once a project component is approved, the
   43  South Florida Water Management District shall provide to the
   44  President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of
   45  Representatives a schedule for implementing the project
   46  component, the estimated total cost of the project component,
   47  any existing federal or nonfederal credits, the estimated
   48  remaining federal and nonfederal share of costs, and an estimate
   49  of the amount of state funds that will be needed to implement
   50  the project component. All requests for an appropriation of
   51  state funds needed to implement the project component shall be
   52  submitted to the department, and such requests shall be included
   53  in the department’s annual request to the Governor. Prior to the
   54  release of state funds for the implementation of the Lake
   55  Okeechobee Watershed Protection Plan or the River Watershed
   56  Protection Plans, on an annual basis, the South Florida Water
   57  Management District shall prepare an annual work plan as part of
   58  the consolidated annual report required in s. 373.036(7). Upon a
   59  determination by the secretary of the annual work plan’s
   60  consistency with the goals and objectives of ss. 373.1501(7) and
   61  373.4595 s. 373.4595, the secretary may approve the release of
   62  state funds. Any modifications to the annual work plan shall be
   63  submitted to the secretary for review and approval.
   64  Notwithstanding the requirements of this paragraph, the release
   65  of state funds for the Everglades Agricultural Area reservoir
   66  project, the Lake Okeechobee Watershed project, the C-43 West
   67  Basin Reservoir Storage project, and the Indian River Lagoon
   68  South project is authorized.
   69         Section 2. Effective upon becoming a law, paragraph (a) of
   70  subsection (7) of section 373.036, Florida Statutes, is amended
   71  to read:
   72         373.036 Florida water plan; district water management
   73  plans.—
   75         (a) By March 1, annually, each water management district
   76  shall prepare and submit to the Office of Economic and
   77  Demographic Research, the department, the Governor, the
   78  President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of
   79  Representatives a consolidated water management district annual
   80  report on the management of water resources. In addition, copies
   81  must be provided by the water management districts to the chairs
   82  of all legislative committees having substantive or fiscal
   83  jurisdiction over the districts and the governing board of each
   84  county in the district having jurisdiction or deriving any funds
   85  for operations of the district. Copies of the consolidated
   86  annual report must be made available to the public, either in
   87  printed or electronic format. Any modifications to the annual
   88  work plan shall be submitted to the secretary for review and
   89  approval. Such approval does not constitute a final agency
   90  action challengeable under chapter 120.
   91         Section 3. Effective upon this act becoming a law,
   92  subsection (7) of section 373.1501, Florida Statutes, is
   93  amended, subsections (10) and (11) are added to that section,
   94  and subsection (4) of that section is reenacted, to read:
   95         373.1501 South Florida Water Management District as local
   96  sponsor.—
   97         (4) The district is authorized to act as local sponsor of
   98  the project for those project features within the district as
   99  provided in this subsection and subject to the oversight of the
  100  department as further provided in s. 373.026. The district shall
  101  exercise the authority of the state to allocate quantities of
  102  water within its jurisdiction, including the water supply in
  103  relation to the project, and be responsible for allocating water
  104  and assigning priorities among the other water uses served by
  105  the project pursuant to state law. The district may:
  106         (a) Act as local sponsor for all project features
  107  previously authorized by Congress.
  108         (b) Continue data gathering, analysis, research, and design
  109  of project components, participate in preconstruction
  110  engineering and design documents for project components, and
  111  further refine the Comprehensive Plan of the restudy as a guide
  112  and framework for identifying other project components.
  113         (c) Construct pilot projects that will assist in
  114  determining the feasibility of technology included in the
  115  Comprehensive Plan of the restudy.
  116         (d) Act as local sponsor for project components.
  117         (7) When developing or implementing water control plans or
  118  regulation schedules required for the operation of the project,
  119  the district shall provide recommendations to the United States
  120  Army Corps of Engineers which are consistent with all district
  121  programs and plans. The district shall certify to the President
  122  of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives,
  123  with a copy to the department, in the annual report pursuant to
  124  s. 373.036(7), that its recommendations made pursuant to this
  125  subsection during the previous 12 months are consistent with all
  126  district programs and plans. Nothing in this subsection shall
  127  constitute a final agency action challengeable under chapter
  128  120.
  129         (10) The Legislature finds that the Lake Okeechobee
  130  Regulation Schedule and any operating manual must balance the
  131  different interests across the system, including, but not
  132  limited to, safeguarding the water supply to society and the
  133  environment, reducing high-volume discharges to coastal
  134  estuaries, and providing for flood control.
  135         (11) Water shortages within the Lake Okeechobee Region must
  136  be managed in accordance with Chapters 40E-21 and 40E-22,
  137  Florida Administrative Code, as such region is set forth
  138  therein. Any change to such rules may not take effect until
  139  ratified by the Legislature and presented to the Governor, or if
  140  the Legislature fails to act and present to the Governor during
  141  the next regular legislative session, such rules shall take
  142  effect after the next regular legislative session and shall
  143  otherwise comply with s. 120.541.
  144         Section 4. Effective upon this act becoming a law, section
  145  373.4141, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  146         373.4141 Permits; processing.—
  148         (a) Within 30 days after receipt of an application for a
  149  permit under this part, the department or the water management
  150  district shall review the application and shall request
  151  submittal of all additional information the department or the
  152  water management district is permitted by law to require. If the
  153  applicant believes any request for additional information is not
  154  authorized by law or rule, the applicant may request a hearing
  155  pursuant to s. 120.57. Within 30 days after receipt of such
  156  additional information, the department or water management
  157  district shall review it and may request only that information
  158  needed to clarify such additional information or to answer new
  159  questions raised by or directly related to such additional
  160  information. If the applicant believes the request of the
  161  department or water management district for such additional
  162  information is not authorized by law or rule, the department or
  163  water management district, at the applicant’s request, must
  164  shall proceed to process the permit application.
  165         (b)(2) A permit must shall be approved, denied, or subject
  166  to a notice of proposed agency action within 60 days after
  167  receipt of the original application, the last item of timely
  168  requested additional material, or the applicant’s written
  169  request to begin processing the permit application.
  170         (c)(3) Processing of applications for permits for
  171  affordable housing projects must shall be expedited to a greater
  172  degree than other projects.
  173         (d)(4) A state agency or an agency of the state may not
  174  require as a condition of approval for a permit or as an item to
  175  complete a pending permit application that an applicant obtain a
  176  permit or approval from any other local, state, or federal
  177  agency without explicit statutory authority to require such
  178  permit or approval.
  180         (a) The department may enter into an agreement or a
  181  contract with a public entity, which includes a utility
  182  regulated under chapter 366, to expedite the evaluation of
  183  environmental resource permits or section 404 permits related to
  184  a project or an activity that serves a public purpose. Any
  185  agreement or contract entered into pursuant to this subsection
  186  must be effective for at least 3 years.
  187         (b) The department must ensure that any agreement or
  188  contract entered into by the department does not affect
  189  impartial decisionmaking, either substantively or procedurally.
  190  The department must use the same procedures for decisions that
  191  would otherwise be required for the evaluation of permits for
  192  similar projects or activities not carried out under an
  193  agreement or contract authorized under this subsection.
  194         (c) The department must make all active agreements or
  195  contracts entered into under this subsection available on its
  196  website.
  197         (d) The department may receive funds pursuant to an
  198  agreement or contract entered into under this subsection. Any
  199  funds received pursuant to this subsection must be deposited
  200  into the Grants and Donations Trust Fund and used in accordance
  201  with the agreement or contract.
  202         Section 5. Effective January 1, 2023, section 570.71,
  203  Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  204         570.71 Land acquisition; conservation easements and
  205  agreements.—
  206         (1) The department, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of
  207  the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, may allocate moneys to
  208  acquire land or related interests in land, such as perpetual,
  209  less-than-fee acquisitions interest in land, to enter into
  210  agricultural protection agreements, and to enter into resource
  211  conservation agreements for any of the following public
  212  purposes:
  213         (a) Promotion and improvement of wildlife habitat.;
  214         (b) Protection and enhancement of water bodies, aquifer
  215  recharge areas, wetlands, and watersheds.;
  216         (c) Perpetuation of open space on lands with significant
  217  natural areas.; or
  218         (d) Protection of agricultural lands threatened by
  219  conversion to other uses.
  220         (e) Preservation and protection of natural and working
  221  landscapes.
  222         (f) Preservation, protection, and enhancement of wildlife
  223  corridors and linkages.
  224         (2) To achieve the purposes of this section, the department
  225  may accept applications for project proposals that:
  226         (a) Purchase land or interests in land, such as
  227  conservation easements, as defined in s. 704.06.
  228         (b) Purchase rural-lands-protection easements pursuant to
  229  this section.
  230         (c) Fund resource conservation agreements pursuant to this
  231  section.
  232         (d) Fund agricultural protection agreements pursuant to
  233  this section.
  234         (3) Rural-lands-protection easements are shall be a
  235  perpetual right or interest in agricultural land which is
  236  appropriate to retain such land in predominantly its current
  237  state and to prevent the subdivision and conversion of such land
  238  into other uses. This right or interest in property shall
  239  prohibit only the following:
  240         (a) Construction or placing of buildings, roads, billboards
  241  or other advertising, utilities, or structures, except those
  242  structures and unpaved roads necessary for the agricultural
  243  operations on the land or structures necessary for other
  244  activities allowed under the easement, and except for linear
  245  facilities described in s. 704.06(11).;
  246         (b) Subdivision of the property.;
  247         (c) Dumping or placing of trash, waste, or offensive
  248  materials.; and
  249         (d) Activities that detrimentally affect the natural
  250  hydrology of the land or that detrimentally affect water
  251  conservation, erosion control, soil conservation, or fish or
  252  wildlife habitat, except those required for environmental
  253  restoration; federal, state, or local government regulatory
  254  programs; or best management practices.
  255         (4) Resource conservation agreements will be contracts for
  256  services which provide annual payments to landowners for
  257  services that actively improve habitat and water restoration or
  258  conservation on their lands over and above that which is already
  259  required by law or which provide recreational opportunities.
  260  They will be for a term of not less than 5 years and not more
  261  than 10 years. Property owners will become eligible to enter
  262  into a resource conservation agreement only upon entering into a
  263  conservation easement or rural lands protection easement.
  264         (5) Agricultural protection agreements shall be for terms
  265  of 30 years and will provide payments to landowners having
  266  significant natural areas on their land. Public access and
  267  public recreational opportunities may be negotiated at the
  268  request of the landowner.
  269         (a) For the length of the agreement, the landowner shall
  270  agree to prohibit:
  271         1. Construction or placing of buildings, roads, billboards
  272  or other advertising, utilities, or structures, except those
  273  structures and unpaved roads necessary for the agricultural
  274  operations on the land or structures necessary for other
  275  activities allowed under the easement, and except for linear
  276  facilities described in s. 704.06(11);
  277         2. Subdivision of the property;
  278         3. Dumping or placing of trash, waste, or offensive
  279  materials; and
  280         4. Activities that affect the natural hydrology of the
  281  land, or that detrimentally affect water conservation, erosion
  282  control, soil conservation, or fish or wildlife habitat.
  283         (b) As part of the agricultural protection agreement, the
  284  parties shall agree that the state shall have a right to buy a
  285  conservation easement or rural land protection easement at the
  286  end of the 30-year term. If the landowner tenders the easement
  287  for the purchase and the state does not timely exercise its
  288  right to buy the easement, the landowner shall be released from
  289  the agricultural agreement. The purchase price of the easement
  290  shall be established in the agreement and shall be based on the
  291  value of the easement at the time the agreement is entered into,
  292  plus a reasonable escalator multiplied by the number of full
  293  calendar years following the date of the commencement of the
  294  agreement. The landowner may transfer or sell the property
  295  before the expiration of the 30-year term, but only if the
  296  property is sold subject to the agreement and the buyer becomes
  297  the successor in interest to the agricultural protection
  298  agreement. Upon mutual consent of the parties, a landowner may
  299  enter into a perpetual easement at any time during the term of
  300  an agricultural protection agreement.
  301         (6) Payment for conservation easements and rural land
  302  protection easements shall be a lump-sum payment at the time the
  303  easement is entered into.
  304         (7) Landowners entering into an agricultural protection
  305  agreement may receive up to 50 percent of the purchase price at
  306  the time the agreement is entered into, and remaining payments
  307  on the balance shall be equal annual payments over the term of
  308  the agreement.
  309         (8) Payments for the resource conservation agreements shall
  310  be equal annual payments over the term of the agreement.
  311         (9) Easements purchased pursuant to this act may not:
  312         (a) Prevent landowners from transferring the remaining fee
  313  value with the easement; or
  314         (b) At the request of the landowner, restrict a landowner’s
  315  ability to use, or authorize the use of by third parties,
  316  specific parcels of land within a conservation easement for
  317  conservation banking or recipient sites for imperiled species as
  318  defined in s. 259.105(2)(a)11. or wetlands mitigation banking
  319  pursuant to chapter 373, provided the specific parcels of land
  320  include wetland or upland areas that may be enhanced, restored,
  321  or created under the conditions of a wetlands mitigation bank
  322  permit.
  323         (10) The department, in consultation with the Department of
  324  Environmental Protection, the water management districts, the
  325  Department of Economic Opportunity, and the Florida Fish and
  326  Wildlife Conservation Commission, shall adopt rules that
  327  establish an application process, a process and criteria for
  328  setting priorities for use of funds consistent with the purposes
  329  specified in subsection (1) and giving preference to ranch and
  330  timber lands managed using sustainable practices, an appraisal
  331  process, and a process for title review and compliance and
  332  approval of the rules by the Board of Trustees of the Internal
  333  Improvement Trust Fund.
  334         (11) If a landowner objects to having his or her property
  335  included in any lists or maps developed to implement this act,
  336  the department must shall remove the property from any such
  337  lists or maps upon receipt of the landowner’s written request to
  338  do so.
  339         (12) The department may use appropriated funds from the
  340  following sources to implement this section:
  341         (a) State funds;
  342         (b) Federal funds;
  343         (c) Other governmental entities;
  344         (d) Nongovernmental organizations; or
  345         (e) Private individuals.
  347  Any such funds provided, other than from the Land Acquisition
  348  Trust Fund, shall be deposited into the Incidental Trust Fund
  349  within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and
  350  used for the purposes of this section, including administrative
  351  and operating expenses related to appraisals, mapping, title
  352  process, personnel, and other real estate expenses.
  353         (13) No more than 10 percent of any funds made available to
  354  implement this act may shall be expended for resource
  355  conservation agreements and agricultural protection agreements.
  356         Section 6. Effective January 1, 2023, section 570.715,
  357  Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  358         570.715 Land Conservation easement acquisition procedures.—
  359         (1) For land acquisitions, including less than fee simple
  360  acquisitions, pursuant to s. 570.71, the Department of
  361  Agriculture and Consumer Services shall comply with the
  362  following acquisition procedures:
  363         (a) Before conveyance of title by the department, evidence
  364  of marketable title in the form of a commitment for title
  365  insurance or an abstract of title with a title opinion must
  366  shall be obtained.
  367         (b) Before approval by the board of trustees of an
  368  agreement to purchase less than fee simple title to land
  369  pursuant to s. 570.71, an appraisal of the parcel is shall be
  370  required as follows:
  371         1. Each parcel to be acquired must shall have at least one
  372  appraisal. Two appraisals are required when the estimated value
  373  of the parcel exceeds $1 million. However, when both appraisals
  374  exceed $1 million and differ significantly, a third appraisal
  375  may be obtained.
  376         2. Appraisal fees and associated costs must shall be paid
  377  by the department. All appraisals used for the acquisition of
  378  less than fee simple interest in lands pursuant to this section
  379  must shall be prepared by a state-certified appraiser who meets
  380  the standards and criteria established by rule of the board of
  381  trustees. Each appraiser selected to appraise a particular
  382  parcel shall, before contracting with the department or a
  383  participant in a multiparty agreement, submit to the department
  384  or participant an affidavit substantiating that he or she has no
  385  vested or fiduciary interest in such parcel.
  386         (c) A certified survey must be made that meets the minimum
  387  requirements for upland parcels established in the Standards of
  388  Practice for Land Surveying in Florida published by the
  389  department and that accurately portrays, to the greatest extent
  390  practicable, the condition of the parcel as it currently exists.
  391  The requirement for a certified survey may, in whole or in part,
  392  be waived by the board of trustees any time before the land
  393  acquisition of the less than fee simple interest. If an existing
  394  boundary map and description of a parcel are determined by the
  395  department to be sufficient for appraisal purposes, the
  396  department may temporarily waive the requirement for a survey
  397  until any time before conveyance of title to the parcel.
  398         (d) On behalf of the board of trustees and before the
  399  appraisal of parcels approved for purchase under ss.
  400  259.105(3)(i) and 570.71, the department may enter into option
  401  contracts to buy less than fee simple interest in such parcels.
  402  Any such option contract must shall state that the final
  403  purchase price is subject to approval by the board of trustees
  404  and that the final purchase price may not exceed the maximum
  405  offer authorized by law. Any such option contract presented to
  406  the board of trustees for final purchase price approval must
  407  shall explicitly state that payment of the final purchase price
  408  is subject to an appropriation by the Legislature. The
  409  consideration for any such option contract may not exceed $1,000
  410  or 0.01 percent of the estimate by the department of the value
  411  of the parcel, whichever amount is greater.
  412         (e) A final offer must shall be in the form of an option
  413  contract or agreement for purchase of the land less than fee
  414  simple interest and must shall be signed and attested to by the
  415  owner and the department. Before the department signs the
  416  agreement for purchase of the land less than fee simple interest
  417  or exercises the option contract, the requirements of s. 286.23
  418  must shall be complied with.
  419         (f) The procedures provided in s. 253.025(9)(a)-(d) and
  420  (10) must shall be followed.
  421         (2) If the public’s interest is reasonably protected, the
  422  board of trustees may:
  423         (a) Waive any requirement of this section.
  424         (b) Waive any rules adopted pursuant to s. 570.71,
  425  notwithstanding chapter 120.
  426         (c) Substitute any other reasonably prudent procedures,
  427  including federally mandated acquisition procedures, for the
  428  procedures in this section, if federal funds are available and
  429  will be used for the purchase of land a less than fee simple
  430  interest in lands, title to which will vest in the board of
  431  trustees, and qualification for such federal funds requires
  432  compliance with federally mandated acquisition procedures.
  433         (3) The less than fee simple land acquisition procedures
  434  provided in this section are for voluntary, negotiated
  435  acquisitions.
  436         (4) For purposes of this section, the term “negotiations”
  437  does not include preliminary contacts with the property owner to
  438  determine availability or eligibility of the property, existing
  439  appraisal data, existing abstracts, and surveys.
  440         (5) Appraisal reports are confidential and exempt from s.
  441  119.07(1), for use by the department and the board of trustees,
  442  until an option contract is executed or, if an option contract
  443  is not executed, until 2 weeks before a contract or agreement
  444  for purchase is considered for approval by the board of
  445  trustees. However, the department has the authority, at its
  446  discretion, to disclose appraisal reports to private landowners
  447  during negotiations for acquisitions using alternatives to fee
  448  simple techniques, if the department determines that disclosure
  449  of such reports will bring the proposed acquisition to closure.
  450  The department may also disclose appraisal information to public
  451  agencies or nonprofit organizations that agree to maintain the
  452  confidentiality of the reports or information when joint
  453  acquisition of property is contemplated, or when a public agency
  454  or nonprofit organization enters into a written multiparty
  455  agreement with the department. For purposes of this subsection,
  456  the term “nonprofit organization” means an organization whose
  457  purposes include the preservation of natural resources, and
  458  which is exempt from federal income tax under s. 501(c)(3) of
  459  the Internal Revenue Code. The department may release an
  460  appraisal report when the passage of time has rendered the
  461  conclusions of value in the report invalid or when the
  462  department has terminated negotiations.
  463         Section 7. Type two transfer from the Agency for Persons
  464  with Disabilities.—
  465         (1) All powers, duties, functions, records, offices,
  466  personnel, associated administrative support positions,
  467  property, pending issues, existing contracts, administrative
  468  authority, administrative rules, and unexpended balances of
  469  appropriations, allocations, and other funds relating to the
  470  William J. “Billy Joe” Rish Recreational Park within the Agency
  471  for Persons with Disabilities are transferred by a type two
  472  transfer, as defined in s. 20.06(2), Florida Statutes, to the
  473  Department of Environmental Protection.
  474         (2) Any binding contract or interagency agreement existing
  475  before July 1, 2022, between the Agency for Persons with
  476  Disabilities, or an entity or agency of the department, and any
  477  other agency, entity, or person relating to the William J.
  478  Billy Joe Rish Recreational Park shall continue as a binding
  479  contract or agreement for the remainder of the term of the
  480  contract or agreement on the successor entity responsible for
  481  the program, activity, or functions relative to the contract or
  482  agreement.
  483         Section 8. Notwithstanding the reversion and expiration of
  484  paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of section 570.93, Florida
  485  Statutes, by section 44 of chapter 2021-37, Laws of Florida,
  486  that paragraph is not amended as provided by that act, but is
  487  reenacted to read:
  488         570.93 Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services;
  489  agricultural water conservation and agricultural water supply
  490  planning.—
  491         (1) The department shall establish an agricultural water
  492  conservation program that includes the following:
  493         (a) A cost-share program, coordinated with the United
  494  States Department of Agriculture and other federal, state,
  495  regional, and local agencies when appropriate, for irrigation
  496  system retrofit and application of mobile irrigation laboratory
  497  evaluations, and for water conservation and water quality
  498  improvement pursuant to s. 403.067(7)(c).
  499         Section 9. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this
  500  act and except for this section, which shall take effect upon
  501  this act becoming a law, this act shall take effect July 1,
  502  2022.
  504  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  505  And the title is amended as follows:
  506         Delete everything before the enacting clause
  507  and insert:
  508                        A bill to be entitled                      
  509         An act relating to environmental resources; amending
  510         s. 373.026, F.S.; providing requirements for budget
  511         amendments requesting the release of state funds for
  512         specified water project components; conforming
  513         provisions to changes made by the act; authorizing the
  514         release of state funds for specified water projects;
  515         amending s. 373.036, F.S.; requiring modifications to
  516         water management district annual work plans to be
  517         submitted to the Secretary of Environmental Protection
  518         for review and approval; amending s. 373.1501, F.S.;
  519         requiring the South Florida Water Management District
  520         to make a specified certification to the Legislature
  521         regarding its recommendations to the United States
  522         Army Corps of Engineers; providing legislative
  523         findings; requiring water shortages within the Lake
  524         Okeechobee Region to be managed in accordance with
  525         certain rules; requiring that changes to certain rules
  526         be ratified by the Legislature and presented to the
  527         Governor; providing that such changes shall take
  528         effect after a specified timeframe if certain
  529         requirements are not met; amending s. 373.4141, F.S.;
  530         authorizing the Department of Environmental Protection
  531         to enter into agreements or contracts with certain
  532         entities to expedite the evaluation of certain
  533         environmental permits; providing requirements for such
  534         agreements or contracts; authorizing the department to
  535         receive funds received pursuant to such an agreement
  536         or contract; requiring such funds to be deposited into
  537         the Grants and Donations Trust Fund; amending s.
  538         570.71, F.S.; specifying that the Department of
  539         Agriculture and Consumer Services may acquire land or
  540         certain related interests in land for specified public
  541         purposes; revising the types of project proposals for
  542         which the department may accept applications; revising
  543         the activities prohibited under certain easements;
  544         removing a requirement that certain department rules
  545         give preference to certain types of lands; amending s.
  546         570.715, F.S.; revising the procedures the department
  547         must comply with for certain land acquisitions;
  548         providing for a type two transfer of the William J.
  549         “Billy Joe” Rish Recreational Park within the Agency
  550         for Persons with Disabilities to the Department of
  551         Environmental Protection; providing for the
  552         continuation of certain contracts and interagency
  553         agreements; reenacting s. 570.93(1)(a), F.S., relating
  554         to an agricultural water conservation program;
  555         providing effective dates.