Florida Senate - 2022                             (NP)    SR 928
       By Senator Book
       32-00639-22                                            2022928__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution congratulating the Town of Davie on its
    3         induction into the National Park Service Certified
    4         Local Government Program.
    6         WHEREAS, established by the National Park Service in 1980,
    7  the Certified Local Government Program is a federal, state, and
    8  local preservation partnership, and
    9         WHEREAS, nationwide, there are about 2,000 certified local
   10  governments, each of which is committed to the protection of its
   11  unique historical, cultural, and archaeological resources for
   12  future generations, and
   13         WHEREAS, the Town of Davie, located west of Fort Lauderdale
   14  in Broward County, was recently inducted into the Certified
   15  Local Government Program, making it the 80th local government in
   16  this state to achieve certification, and
   17         WHEREAS, certification opens the door to training,
   18  technical assistance, and grant funds to further local
   19  preservation efforts, and
   20         WHEREAS, the Town of Davie is working to conserve ancient
   21  ridge areas that include archaeological resources from American
   22  Indians, who were the first residents of the area, and to
   23  maintain its cultural ties to the past through its annual Orange
   24  Blossom Festival and its rodeo events and western-themed
   25  downtown area, NOW, THEREFORE,
   27  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   29         That the Town of Davie is congratulated on its induction
   30  into the National Park Service Certified Local Government
   31  Program.