Florida Senate - 2023                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for SB 7014
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                Floor: 1/AD/2R         .                                
             04/11/2023 04:37 PM       .                                

       Senator Martin moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment 
    3         Delete lines 109 - 141
    4  and insert:
    5  eligible students within the juvenile justice system, and to
    6  prepare students for gainful employment as productive citizens
    7  upon their reentry into the community. Educational pathways will
    8  include a K-12 education, a high school equivalency diploma, a
    9  career and technical education credential pursuant to s.
   10  1003.4282(10), and enrollment in a degree program at a state
   11  college or university, with an emphasis on attaining an
   12  industry-recognized credential of value from the Master
   13  Credentials List under s. 445.004(4)(h).
   14         (3)REQUIRED CONTRACTING.—
   15         (a) The department shall enter into a contractual agreement
   16  with an education service provider with a proven track record of
   17  success to operate, provide, or supplement full-time instruction
   18  and instructional support services for students to earn a high
   19  school diploma or high school equivalency diploma, enroll in a
   20  degree program at a state college or university, and earn
   21  industry-recognized credentials of value from the Master
   22  Credentials List. The contracted education service provider is
   23  responsible for the administration of all educational services
   24  to students enrolled in the academy.
   25         (b) The superintendent of the Florida Scholars Academy must
   26  be approved by the secretary of the department. The
   27  superintendent is responsible for the management and day-to-day
   28  operations of the Florida Scholars Academy.
   30         (a)1. The Florida Scholars Academy shall be governed by a
   31  board of trustees, composed of the following five members:
   32         a. The secretary of the department, or his or her designee.
   33         b. Four members appointed by the Governor.