Florida Senate - 2024                             CS for SB 1442
       By the Appropriations Committee on Health and Human Services;
       and Senator Grall
       603-03306-24                                          20241442c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to pregnancy support services;
    3         creating s. 414.1611, F.S.; establishing the Florida
    4         State Maternity Housing Grant Program within the
    5         Department of Children and Families for a specified
    6         purpose; providing specifications for sources of, and
    7         limitations on, funding for the program; requiring the
    8         State Office of Homelessness administering the grant
    9         funds to rank grant applicants competitively and give
   10         preference to certain grant applicants; specifying
   11         eligibility criteria for lead agencies applying for
   12         grants under the program; specifying requirements for
   13         lead agencies that receive grants under the program;
   14         specifying expenses for which grant funds may be used;
   15         requiring lead agencies to track, monitor, and report
   16         on each woman or family assisted with the grant funds
   17         for a specified timeframe; specifying performance
   18         goals for lead agencies administering grant funds;
   19         authorizing the department to adopt rules necessary to
   20         administer the program; providing an effective date.
   22  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   24         Section 1. Section 414.1611, Florida Statutes, is created
   25  to read:
   26         414.1611 Florida State Maternity Housing Grant Program.—
   27         (1) ESTABLISHMENT OF PROGRAM.—There is created the Florida
   28  State Maternity Housing Grant Program within the department to
   29  provide housing resources and approved living arrangements for
   30  resident women and families of this state experiencing
   31  homelessness during pregnancy, regardless of age or marital
   32  status, whose financial resources have been determined
   33  inadequate to meet residential costs. The State Office on
   34  Homelessness, with the concurrence of the Council on
   35  Homelessness, may accept and administer funds appropriated to
   36  the department to provide maternity housing grants annually to
   37  lead agencies for local homeless assistance continuums of care,
   38  as recognized by the State Office on Homelessness. These funds
   39  shall consist of any sums that the state may appropriate, as
   40  well as those received from donations, gifts, bequests, or
   41  otherwise from any public or private source which are intended
   42  to assist women and families experiencing homelessness during
   43  pregnancy. The total amount of grants awarded may not exceed the
   44  funding appropriated or received for the grant program under
   45  this section.
   46         (2) GRANT APPLICATIONS.—The State Office on Homelessness
   47  shall rank lead agency grant applicants competitively and give
   48  preference to applicants that leverage additional private and
   49  public funds, demonstrate the effectiveness of their maternity
   50  housing programs in housing homeless women and families
   51  experiencing pregnancy, and demonstrate the commitment of the
   52  lead agency to offer other assistance and services to address
   53  family health, employment, and education needs to prevent future
   54  homelessness.
   55         (3) ELIGIBILITY.—In order to qualify for a grant, a lead
   56  agency must develop and implement a local homeless assistance
   57  continuum of care plan for its designated catchment area, to
   58  include a maternity housing program.
   59         (4) GRANT LIMITS.—The maternity housing program funded by
   60  the grant must require a case plan for each woman or family to
   61  be assisted, setting forth which costs will be covered and the
   62  maximum level of assistance to be offered. The grant assistance
   63  may be used to pay for expenses related to any of the following:
   64         (a) Housing in an authorized living arrangement. Housing
   65  assistance may be provided for a maximum of 8 months, of which 8
   66  weeks may be postpartum.
   67         (b) Services recommended by the lead agency for women and
   68  families approved for the grant program to encourage economic
   69  independence and positive health outcomes for participants.
   70         (c) Staffing and reimbursements for providers of authorized
   71  living arrangements.
   72         (d) All other related costs for the administration of the
   73  program, not to exceed 5 percent of the total grant funds
   74  awarded to the lead agency.
   75         (5) PERFORMANCE.—The lead agency shall track, monitor, and
   76  report on each woman or family assisted for at least 12 months
   77  after the last assistance provided. The lead agency’s maternity
   78  housing program shall seek to enable at least 85 percent of the
   79  women and families assisted to avoid becoming homeless during
   80  this time period.
   81         (6) RULEMAKING AUTHORITY.—The department may adopt rules
   82  necessary to administer the program. The rules may include, but
   83  need not be limited to, eligibility criteria for homeless
   84  mothers and families experiencing pregnancy who are seeking
   85  maternity housing services.
   86         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2024.