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The Florida Senate

Page Program

The 2021 Regular Session Senate Page Program is canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Students interested in serving as a Senate Page for the 2022 Regular Session are encouraged to check this website periodically for updates regarding the application process. Students may email with specific questions about the program. 

Page Program Overview

During the 60-day regular sessions of the Florida Legislature, participating students from all across the state come to Tallahassee for one week to assist Senators in carrying out the work of the people.

A completed application is required from all interested students. The application must include the signatures of the applicant, parent/guardian, and your school principal. Please note that some high schools have additional attendance and grade point average requirements that must be satisfied prior to approving a student’s participation in our program.

Page Program allows for:

  • Senators to sponsor 2 Senate Pages during the 60-day regular session;
  • Students to participate who are 15 years old to 18 years old by the first day of their assigned week;
  • Participants to provide 1 week of service to the Florida Senate; and
  • Participants to receive 40 hours of community service for their week of service or a $250.00 stipend. Each participant must select one of the options; they may not receive both or a combination of the two.

Participants are strongly encouraged to wear professional business attire that includes comfortable, professional shoes. In the Senate, proper business attire for men includes a navy blue blazer with shirt and slacks, tie, and appropriate dress shoes. Proper business attire for women includes a navy blue blazer, slacks or skirt with coordinating blouse or collared shirt, or dress and appropriate dress shoes. The navy blue blazer is worn each day of service, and must include a patch (provided by the Senate) affixed to the front left pocket.

  • Denim in any form is not permitted
  • All skirts must be at least knee-length
  • Sandals, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes are not allowed

The Page Program does not provide housing, meals, or transportation to and from the Capitol. Participants are on their own for lunch. Lunch options to consider are to pack a lunch, purchase food from the Capitol cafeteria, or accompany a parent/guardian off site.

Page Program Outline

The Senate Page Program offers participants the opportunity to learn about the legislative process in Florida through a hands-on approach to civic learning. Pages will role-play as Senators, developing ideas for new laws, drafting legislation, and filing bills. The week culminates with a mock session in which bills are debated and voted on by Senate Pages. Additionally, Senate Pages will assist members of the Florida Senate by distributing legislative materials and correspondence in the Senate Chamber while observing the Senators as they discuss and debate legislation. Pages may also lead the Pledge of Allegiance during session, enjoy guest speakers, and participate in educational tours and activities.


Contact the Page Program at:

Office of Senate Secretary
Room 405 The Capitol
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1100
(850) 487-5256