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2004 Florida Statutes

Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement.
Section 1008.51, Florida Statutes 2004

1008.51  Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement.--The Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement is created as an independent office under the Office of Legislative Services, pursuant to s. 11.147 The council shall conduct and review education research, provide independent analysis on education progress, and provide independent evaluation of education issues of statewide concern. The Office of Legislative Services shall provide administrative functions of the council, pursuant to joint policies of the Legislature.

(1)  The council shall serve as a citizen board for independent policy research and analysis. The council shall be composed of five members appointed by the Governor, two members appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and two members appointed by the President of the Senate. Each member shall be appointed for a term of 6 years. However, for purposes of continuity, the Governor shall appoint two members, the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall appoint one member, and the President of the Senate shall appoint one member for a first term of 4 years. Members appointed for 4 years may be reappointed to one additional term. Members shall not include elected officials or employees of public or independent education entities. Members who miss two consecutive meetings may be replaced by the appointing officer.

(2)  The council shall meet as often as it considers necessary to carry out its duties and responsibilities. Members shall be paid travel and per diem expenses as provided in s. 112.061 while performing their duties under this section.

(3)  The council shall appoint an executive director, who shall serve at the pleasure of the council and shall perform the duties assigned to him or her by the council. The executive director is the chief administrative officer of the council and shall appoint all employees and staff members of the council, who shall serve under the executive director's direction and control.

(4)  The council shall:

(a)  Provide state policymakers, educators, and the public with objective and timely information that supports the seamless K-20 education system and the K-20 education accountability process designed to provide all students an opportunity for a high-quality education, in accordance with the policies and guiding principles of s. 1000.02 and the performance accountability system in s. 1008.31

(b)  Explore national and state emerging educational issues and examine how these issues should be addressed by education institutions in Florida.

(c)  Prepare and submit to the State Board of Education a long-range master plan for education. The plan must include consideration of the promotion of quality, fundamental educational goals, programmatic access, needs for remedial education, regional and state economic development, international education programs, demographic patterns, student demand for programs, needs of particular subgroups of the population, implementation of innovative educational techniques and technology, and requirements of the labor market. The plan must evaluate the capacity of existing programs in public and independent institutions to respond to identified needs, and the council shall recommend efficient alternatives to address unmet needs. The council shall update the master plan at least every 5 years.

(d)  Prepare and submit for approval by the State Board of Education a long-range performance plan for K-20 education in Florida, and annually review and recommend improvement in the implementation of the plan.

(e)  Annually report on the progress of public schools and postsecondary education institutions toward meeting educational goals and standards as defined by s. 1008.31

(f)  Recommend to the Legislature and the State Board of Education legislation and rules for the educational accountability system that support the policies and guiding principles of s. 1000.02

(g)  Recommend to the State Board of Education revisions and new initiatives to further improve the K-20 education accountability system.

(h)  Provide public education institutions and the public with information on the K-20 education accountability system, recommend refinements and improvements, and evaluate issues pertaining to student learning gains.

(i)  On its own initiative or in response to the Governor, the Legislature, the State Board of Education, or the Commissioner of Education, issue reports and recommendations on matters relating to any education sector.

(j)  By January 1, 2003, and on a 3-year cycle thereafter, review and make recommendations to the Legislature regarding the activities of research centers and institutes supported with state funds to assess the return on the state's investment in research conducted by public postsecondary education institutions, in coordination with the Leadership Board for Applied Research and Public Service, created pursuant to s. 1004.58

(k)  Apply for and receive grants for the study of K-20 education system improvement consistent with its responsibilities.

(l)  Assist the State Board of Education in the conduct of its educational responsibilities in such capacities as the board considers appropriate.

History.--s. 395, ch. 2002-387.