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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 497.266
497.266 Care and maintenance trust fund; remedy of department for noncompliance.
(1) No cemetery company may establish a cemetery, or operate a cemetery if already established, without providing for the future care and maintenance of the cemetery, for which a care and maintenance trust fund shall be established, to be known as “the care and maintenance trust fund of  .” The trust fund shall be established with a trust company operating pursuant to chapter 660, with a state or national bank holding trust powers, or with a federal or state savings and loan association holding trust powers. Trust funds which are with a state or national bank or savings and loan association licensed in this state on October 1, 1993, shall remain in force; however, when the amount of any such trust fund exceeds the amount that is insured by an agency of the Federal Government, the cemetery company shall transfer that trust fund to a trust company operating pursuant to chapter 660, to a state or national bank holding trust powers, or to a federal or state savings and loan association holding trust powers.
(2) The cemetery company may appoint a person to advise the trustee in the investment of the trust fund. The licensing authority must approve the appointment of the initial trustee, and any subsequent changes of the trustee shall also be approved by the licensing authority, pursuant to procedures and utilizing forms as specified by rule. If a cemetery company refuses or otherwise fails to provide or maintain an adequate care and maintenance trust fund in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, the licensing authority, after reasonable notice, shall enforce compliance. However, a nonprofit cemetery corporation which has been incorporated and engaged in the cemetery business prior to and continuously since 1915 and which has current trust assets exceeding $2 million is not required to designate a corporate trustee. The trust fund agreement shall specify the following: the name, location, and address of both the licensee and the trustee, the terms and conditions of the trust, a statement that the trust is established pursuant to s. 497.268 and this section, and the date of agreement, together with the percentages required to be deposited pursuant to this chapter.
(3) A person may not withdraw or transfer any portion of assets within the care and maintenance trust fund, except as authorized by s. 497.2675, without first obtaining written consent from the licensing authority.
(4) The trustee of the trust established pursuant to this section may only invest in investments and loan trust funds, as prescribed in s. 497.458. The trustee shall take title to the property conveyed to the trust for the purposes of investing, protecting, and conserving it for the cemetery company; collecting income; and distributing withdrawals from the trust as prescribed in this chapter. The cemetery company is prohibited from sharing in the discharge of the trustee’s responsibilities under this subsection, except that the cemetery company may request the trustee to invest in tax-free investments.
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Note.Former s. 559.41; s. 497.021; s. 497.237.