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CS/CS/HB 467 — Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

by Commerce Committee; Agriculture and Property Rights Subcommittee; and Rep. Raburn and others (CS/CS/CS/SB 498 by Appropriations Committee; Judiciary Committee; Commerce and Tourism Committee; and Senator Young)

This summary is provided for information only and does not represent the opinion of any Senator, Senate Officer, or Senate Office.

Prepared by: Commerce and Tourism Committee (CM)

The bill modifies various areas of law relating to the authority of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (department).

The bill modifies provisions relating to the Division of Licensing within the department to:

  • Allow private investigative agency managers to manage multiple agencies or branches;
  • Clarify fingerprint retention policies for specific partners and corporate officers of ch. 493, F.S., licensees;
  • Remove inconsistent language regarding the terms of renewals for licensure under ch. 493, F.S.;
  • Permit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to share mental health and substance abuse data from its Mental Competency database with the department for the purposes of determining eligibility of Class “G” and “K” applicants and licensees;
  • Require ch. 493, F.S., licensees to reveal if they have been arrested to their employer within three days of the arrest, and grant the department authority to discipline licensees who fail to do so;
  • Mandate that statewide firearm licensees complete training for each type of firearm carried in the course of his or her licensed duties;
  • Create a temporary suspension process for Class “G” or “K” licensees who are arrested for or formally charged with a firearms-related crime; and for ch. 493, F.S., licensees who are arrested for or formally charged with a forcible felony;
  • Allow the department to grant concealed weapon or firearm licenses to persons who have been granted relief from firearms disabilities; and
  • Reduce the concealed weapon or firearm license and renewal fees by five dollars.

The bill modifies provisions relating to the Division of Consumer Services within the department and its regulation of surveyors and mappers, health studios, interstate household movers, Bureau of Standards, and the Florida Do Not Call Program. The bill:

  • Provides an exemption from regulation for certain contractors under the supervision of a registered surveyor and mapper;
  • Broadens the prerequisite course of education requirements;
  • Authorizes the Professional Board of Surveyors and Mappers to establish criteria for the carryover of continuing education requirements;
  • Revises the surveyor and mapper intern qualifications;
  • Clarifies provisions relating to the recordkeeping of elevation certificates;
  • Creates consistent penalties against intrastate household movers for failure to maintain motor vehicle and liability insurance;
  • Exempts company gyms from registration as a health studio with the department;
  • Removes taximeters and transportation measuring systems from the definition of a weight and measure; and
  • Updates the Florida Do Not Call Program to make subscriptions indefinite, rather than for five years.

The bill also:

  • Clarifies that dealers licensed pursuant to part VII of ch. 379, F.S., are not required to obtain certification of registration as an aquiculture producer;
  • Removes fees for the registration of a livestock mark or brand, and increases the term of registration for such marks or brands from 5 to 10 years;
  • Repeals the requirement that individuals re-mark or rebrand recently purchased cattle;
  • Provides an exemption from registration for agricultural dealers who pay for their purchases with a credit card; and
  • Makes technical changes and deletes outdated language.

If approved by the Governor, these provisions take effect July 1, 2017.

Vote: Senate 35-1; House 117-0