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2016 Florida Statutes

Funding for Enterprise Florida, Inc.; performance and return on the public’s investment.
F.S. 288.904
288.904 Funding for Enterprise Florida, Inc.; performance and return on the public’s investment.
(1)(a) The Legislature may annually appropriate to Enterprise Florida, Inc., a sum of money for its operations, and separate line-item appropriations for each of the divisions listed in s. 288.92.
(b) The state’s operating investment in Enterprise Florida, Inc., and its divisions is the budget contracted by the department to Enterprise Florida, Inc., less any funding that is directed by the Legislature to be subcontracted to a specific recipient entity.
(c) The board of directors of Enterprise Florida, Inc., shall adopt for each upcoming fiscal year an operating budget for the organization, including its divisions, which specifies the intended uses of the state’s operating investment and a plan for securing private sector support.
(2)(a) The Legislature finds that it is a priority to maximize private sector support in operating Enterprise Florida, Inc., and its divisions, as an endorsement of its value and as an enhancement of its efforts. Thus, the state appropriations must be matched with private sector support equal to at least 100 percent of the state operational funding.
(b) Private sector support in operating Enterprise Florida, Inc., and its divisions includes:
1. Cash given directly to Enterprise Florida, Inc., for its operations, including contributions from at-large members of the board of directors;
2. Cash donations from organizations assisted by the divisions;
3. Cash jointly raised by Enterprise Florida, Inc., and a private local economic development organization, a group of such organizations, or a statewide private business organization that supports collaborative projects;
4. Cash generated by fees charged for products or services of Enterprise Florida, Inc., and its divisions by sponsorship of events, missions, programs, and publications; and
5. Copayments, stock, warrants, royalties, or other private resources dedicated to Enterprise Florida, Inc., or its divisions.
(3)(a) Specifically for the marketing and advertising activities of the Division of Tourism Marketing or as contracted through the Florida Tourism Industry Corporation, a one-to-one match is required of private to public contributions within 4 calendar years after the implementation date of the marketing plan pursuant to s. 288.923.
(b) For purposes of calculating the required one-to-one match, matching private funds shall be divided into four categories. Documentation for the components of the four private match categories shall be kept on file for inspection as determined necessary. The four private match categories are:
1. Direct cash contributions, which include, but are not limited to, cash derived from strategic alliances, contributions of stocks and bonds, and partnership contributions.
2. Fees for services, which include, but are not limited to, event participation, research, and brochure placement and transparencies.
3. Cooperative advertising, which is the value based on cost of contributed productions, air time, and print space.
4. In-kind contributions, which include, but are not limited to, the value of strategic alliance services contributed, the value of loaned employees, discounted service fees, items contributed for use in promotions, and radio or television air time or print space for promotions. The value of air time or print space shall be calculated by taking the actual time or space and multiplying by the nonnegotiated unit price for that specific time or space which is known as the media equivalency value. In order to avoid duplication in determining media equivalency value, only the value of the promotion itself shall be included; the value of the items contributed for the promotion may not be included.
(4) Enterprise Florida, Inc., shall fully comply with the performance measures, standards, and sanctions in its contract with the department, under s. 20.60. The department shall ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that the contract performance measures are consistent with performance measures that it is required to develop and track under performance-based program budgeting. The contract shall also include performance measures for the divisions.
(5) The Legislature intends to review the performance of Enterprise Florida, Inc., in achieving the performance goals stated in its annual contract with the department to determine whether the public is receiving a positive return on its investment in Enterprise Florida, Inc., and its divisions. It also is the intent of the Legislature that Enterprise Florida, Inc., coordinate its operations with local economic development organizations to maximize the state and local return on investment to create jobs for Floridians.
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