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2018 Florida Statutes

Department of Management Services.
F.S. 20.22
20.22 Department of Management Services.There is created a Department of Management Services.
(1) The head of the Department of Management Services is the Secretary of Management Services, who shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.
(2) The following divisions and programs within the Department of Management Services are established:
(a) Facilities Program.
(b) Technology Program.
(c) Workforce Program.
(d)1. Support Program.
2. Federal Property Assistance Program.
(e) Administration Program.
(f) Division of Administrative Hearings.
(g) Division of Retirement.
(h) Division of State Group Insurance.
(3) The duties of the Chief Labor Negotiator shall be determined by the Secretary of Management Services, and must include, but need not be limited to, the representation of the Governor as the public employer in collective bargaining negotiations pursuant to the provisions of chapter 447.
1(4) The Department of Management Services shall provide the Agency for State Technology with financial management oversight. The agency shall provide the department all documents and necessary information, as requested, to meet the requirements of this section. The department’s financial management oversight includes:
(a) Developing and implementing cost-recovery mechanisms for the administrative and data center costs of services through agency assessments of applicable customer entities. Such cost-recovery mechanisms must comply with applicable state and federal regulations concerning the distribution and use of funds and must ensure that, for each fiscal year, no service or customer entity subsidizes another service or customer entity.
(b) Implementing an annual reconciliation process to ensure that each customer entity is paying for the full direct and indirect cost of each service as determined by the customer entity’s use of each service.
(c) Providing rebates that may be credited against future billings to customer entities when revenues exceed costs.
(d) Requiring each customer entity to transfer sufficient funds into the appropriate data processing appropriation category before implementing a customer entity’s request for a change in the type or level of service provided, if such change results in a net increase to the customer entity’s costs for that fiscal year.
(e) By October 1, 2018, providing to each customer entity’s agency head the estimated agency assessment cost by the Agency for State Technology for the following fiscal year. The agency assessment cost of each customer entity includes administrative and data center services costs of the agency.
(f) Preparing the legislative budget request for the Agency for State Technology based on the issues requested and approved by the executive director of the Agency for State Technology. Upon the approval of the agency’s executive director, the Department of Management Services shall transmit the agency’s legislative budget request to the Governor and the Legislature pursuant to s. 216.023.
(g) Providing a plan for consideration by the Legislative Budget Commission if the Agency for State Technology increases the cost of a service for a reason other than a customer entity’s request made under paragraph (d). Such a plan is required only if the service cost increase results in a net increase to a customer entity.
(h) Providing a timely invoicing methodology to recover the cost of services provided to the customer entity pursuant to s. 215.422.
(i) Providing an annual reconciliation process of prior year expenditures completed on a timely basis and overall budget management pursuant to chapter 216.
(j) This subsection expires July 1, 2019.
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1Note.Section 55, ch. 2018-10, added subsection (4) “[i]n order to implement Specific Appropriations 2703 through 2714 of the 2018-2019 General Appropriations Act.”