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The Florida Senate

Senate and Joint Committees

A committee functions to study and plan solutions to issues facing Floridians. The Senate and House rules provide for standing committees, subcommittees, and special or select committees. The Senate President names the chairs and members of all Senate committees, while the Speaker of the House names the chairs and members of all House committees.  The presiding officers appoint members to joint committees that are composed of members from each house.  Select committees are appointed to make recommendations on special or unique problems by the respective presiding officer in each house.

Select Committee

Joint Committees

  • Joint Administrative Procedures Committee  JAPC
  • Joint Committee on Public Service Commission Oversight  JPSC  (6/22/2005-11/7/2006)
  • Joint Legislative Auditing Committee  JLAC
  • Joint Legislative Budget Commission  JLBC
  • Legislative Commission on Migrant and Seasonal Labor  LCMS  (8/24/2005-11/7/2006)
  • Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations  LCIR

Joint Select Committees

  • Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining  JSCB  (1/26/2005-5/6/2005 and 2/8/2006-5/5/2006)
  • Joint Select Committee on Hurricane Insurance  JSHI  (1/5/2005-5/6/2005)