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Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Open Calendar

Bill Actions

Bill Information Action(s)

S 44 General Bill by Wright


  • S: CS by Criminal Justice; YEAS 8 NAYS 0

S 144 General Bill by Brandes

Searches of Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Devices

  • S: Favorable by Criminal Justice; YEAS 7 NAYS 1

S 166 Public Records/General Bill by Perry

Public Records/Nonjudicial Record of the Arrest of a Minor

  • S: CS by Criminal Justice; YEAS 8 NAYS 0

S 206 General Bill by Pizzo

Visiting County and Municipal Detention Facilities

  • S: Favorable by Criminal Justice; YEAS 7 NAYS 0

S 234 General Bill by Book

Sexual Offender Registration

  • S: CS by Criminal Justice; YEAS 8 NAYS 0

S 274 General Bill by Perry

Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction

  • S: Favorable by Criminal Justice; YEAS 8 NAYS 0

S 288 General Bill by Rouson

Victims of Reform School Abuse

  • S: CS by Criminal Justice; YEAS 6 NAYS 1

H 421 General Bill by Tuck

Governmental Actions Affecting Private Property Rights

  • H: Filed

H 423 General Bill by Tuck

Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program

  • H: Filed

H 425 General Bill by Clemons, Sr.

Disposition of Unclaimed Property

  • H: Filed

H 427 General Bill by Persons-Mulicka

Independent Living Services

  • H: Filed

H 429 General Bill by Learned

Purple Star Schools

  • H: Filed

H 431 General Bill by Rommel

Practice of Physician Assistants

  • H: Filed

H 433 General Bill by Andrade

Use of Drones by Government Agencies

  • H: Filed

H 435 General Bill by Sirois

Veterans Employment and Training

  • H: Filed

H 437 General Bill by Willhite

Operation of Motorized Vehicles by Minors

  • H: Filed

H 439 General Bill by Fine

Prohibited Governmental Transactions with Technology Companies and for Chinese Products

  • H: Filed

H 441 General Bill by Hage

Elder-focused Dispute Resolution Process

  • H: Filed

H 443 General Bill by Thompson

Eligibility for Medical Assistance and Related Services

  • H: Filed

H 445 General Bill by Barnaby

Prohibition of a State Income Tax

  • H: Filed

H 447 General Bill by Valdés

Transportation Facility Designations

  • H: Filed

S 796 General Bill by Taddeo

County Canvassing Boards

  • S: Filed

S 798 General Bill by Taddeo

Voting Rights Restoration

  • S: Filed

S 800 Joint Resolution by Taddeo

Election of Commissioner of Insurance

  • S: Filed

S 802 General Bill by Taddeo

Security Deposits for Dwelling Units

  • S: Filed

S 804 General Bill by Harrell

Substance Abuse Services

  • S: Filed

S 806 General Bill by Book

Tax Exemption for Diapers and Incontinence Products

  • S: Filed

S 808 General Bill by Gibson

Intelligence-led Policing

  • S: Filed

S 810 General Bill by Gruters

Prohibited Governmental Transactions Involving Certain Companies and Products

  • S: Filed

S 812 General Bill by Book

Human Trafficking

  • S: Filed

H 2207 Appropriations Project by Bartleman

Pembroke Pines Seepage Management Stormwater Pump Station

  • H: Filed

H 2209 Appropriations Project by Fischer

Jacksonville School for Autism Supportive Transition & Employment Placement (STEP) Program

  • H: Filed

H 2211 Appropriations Project by Fine

Brevard Zoo Aquarium

  • H: Filed

H 2213 Appropriations Project by McFarland

Sarasota Performing Arts Center – Resiliency-Focused Architecture and Design

  • H: Filed

H 2215 Appropriations Project by Zika

Veterans Intervention Program

  • H: Filed

H 2217 Appropriations Project by Rodriguez

Florida International University – Washington Center University Scholarships

  • H: Filed

H 2219 Appropriations Project by Rodriguez

Inclusive Transition & Employment Management Program-ITEM

  • H: Filed

H 2221 Appropriations Project by Mooney, Jr.

College of the Florida Keys - Academy Classroom Facility and Emergency Operations Center

  • H: Filed

H 2223 Appropriations Project by Fabricio

City of Miami Springs Senior Center - Supplemental Meals and Services

  • H: Filed

H 2225 Appropriations Project by DiCeglie

BayCare Behavioral Health Remote Patient Monitoring Program

  • H: Filed

H 2227 Appropriations Project by DiCeglie

Florida Holocaust Museum

  • H: Filed

H 2229 Appropriations Project by DiCeglie

Learning Independence for Tomorrow, Inc. (LiFT) Campus

  • H: Filed

H 6505 Claims/General Bill by Learned

Relief/Robert Earl DuBoise/State of Florida

  • H: Filed

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President Wilton Simpson

2020 Organization Session

The Senate convened in Organization Session on November 17, 2020. Senator Wilton Simpson of Trilby was elected Senate President and Senator Aaron Bean of Fernandina Beach was elected President Pro Tempore.

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