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The Florida Senate

CS/HB 1087 — Insurance

by Economic Affairs Committee; and Rep. Holder (CS/CS/SB 1252 by Rules Committee; Budget Committee; and Senator Smith)

This summary is provided for information only and does not represent the opinion of any Senator, Senate Officer, or Senate Office.

Prepared by: Banking and Insurance Committee (BI)

In Florida, the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) regulates insurers and other risk-bearing entities. The Department of Financial Services (DFS) has regulatory authority over many insurance-related activities, including, but not limited to, insurance agents and agencies, investigation of insurance fraud, and the administration of the Workers’ Compensation Law. The bill provides the following changes to these insurance-related activities:

Notification of the Cancellation, Nonrenewal, or Renewal of a Policy

The bill revises the policyholder notification requirements for an insurer in transactions involving the nonrenewal, renewal, or cancellation of workers compensation, employer liability, commercial liability, motor vehicle, or other property and casualty insurance coverage. The bill changes the designated person or persons an insurer is required to notify from the “named insured” to the “first-named insured” in transactions involving the nonrenewal, renewal, or cancellation of such.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The bill allows for the use of a prepaid card for the provision of workers’ compensation benefits to an injured employee if certain conditions are met. Currently, such benefits are payable by check or by direct deposit into the employee’s account. The bill permits flexibility for insurers regarding the frequency of premium audits by providing that such audits are not required for coverage, except as provided by the insurance policy, by an order of the OIR, or at least once each policy period at the request of the insured. The bill provides that assessments for the Special Disability Trust Fund are determined on a calendar year basis rather than a fiscal year basis.

Certificate of Authority Requirements for Insurers

The bill allows insurers domiciled outside of the U.S., that cover only persons who are nonresidents of the U.S., to be exempt from the certificate of authority provisions if certain conditions are met. Currently, life insurers are provided an exemption if certain conditions are met.

Licensure of Agents and Agencies

The bill revises the requirements for disqualification of applicants convicted of certain crimes from agent and adjuster licensure by the DFS. The bill bars persons who commit specified felonies from applying for licensure and revises license waiting periods for other persons.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

The bill creates a civil penalty for motor vehicle insurance fraud authorizing civil fines of up to $5,000 for the first offense, $10,000 for the second offense, and $15,000 for third and subsequent offenses.

Service Warranty Associations

The bill exempts a service warranty company from licensure requirements if the service warranties are only offered, marketed, or sold to nonresidents of Florida, and meets other requirements.

Surplus Lines Insurance

The bill allows surplus lines insurance agents to place commercial insurance directly in the surplus lines market without requiring the agent to make a diligent effort to procure such coverage from an authorized insurer. The bill also requires the insured to sign a disclosure regarding surplus lines coverage.

Except if otherwise expressly provided in this act and except for section 20, which takes effect upon this act becoming a law, this act takes effect July 1, 2011.
Vote:  Senate 38-0; House 111-4