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2004 Florida Statutes

Withdrawal of funds from depositories; direct deposit; transfer of funds.
Section 136.06, Florida Statutes 2004

136.06  Withdrawal of funds from depositories; direct deposit; transfer of funds.--

(1)  All money drawn from any depository qualified under the provisions of this chapter shall be upon a check or warrant issued by the board or officer drawing the same, said check or warrant, both as to number and amount, person to whom drawn and purpose for which drawn shall be recorded in the minutes of the board having ordered the same drawn, and each check or warrant so drawn shall be signed by the chair of said board, attested by the clerk or secretary of said board with the corporate seal thereof affixed; however, money under the control of any school board may be withdrawn as may be otherwise provided by law.

(2)  For the purpose of providing for the direct deposit of funds under the circumstances herein specified, each board or county officer authorized by law to issue checks or warrants for the withdrawal of money from a depository qualified under the provisions of this chapter is authorized to establish the form or forms of warrants for the withdrawal, payment, or disbursement of money out of such qualified depository and to change the form thereof from time to time as such board or officer deems appropriate. If authorized in writing by the payee, such warrants may provide for direct deposit of the funds to the account of the payee in any financial institution which is designated in writing by the payee and which has lawful authority to accept such deposits. The written authorization of the payee shall be filed with the appropriate board or county officer. Direct deposit of funds may be by any electronic or other medium approved by such board or officer for such purpose.

(3)  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each board or county officer who has the authority to deposit or withdraw funds is authorized to transfer funds from one depository to another or within a depository or to another institution, and may transfer funds wherein the transfer does not represent an expenditure, advance, or reduction of cash assets. Such transfer may be made by electronic, telephonic, or other medium; and each transfer shall be confirmed in writing and signed by the designee of the board or officer.

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