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The Florida Senate

2004 Florida Statutes

Section 159.28, Florida Statutes 2004

159.28  General powers.--Every local agency shall have all of the powers necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the purposes and provisions of this part, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the powers, with respect to any project or projects:

(1)  To prescribe rules, regulations, and policies in connection with the performance of its functions and duties under this part;

(2)  To receive, administer, and comply with conditions and requirements respecting any gift, grant, or donation of any property or money from any source, whether federal, state, or private;

(3)  To make and execute financing agreements, contracts, deeds, and other instruments necessary or convenient in the exercise of the powers and functions of the local agency under this part, including contracts with persons, firms, corporations, federal and state agencies, and other local agencies, which state agencies and other local agencies are hereby authorized to enter into contracts and otherwise cooperate with any local agency to facilitate the financing, construction, leasing, or sale of any project;

(4)  To acquire by purchase, lease, gift, or otherwise, or to obtain options for the acquisition of, any property, real or personal, improved or unimproved, for the construction, operation, or maintenance of any project;

(5)  To sell, lease, exchange, transfer, or otherwise dispose of, or to grant options for any such purposes with respect to any real or personal property or interest therein;

(6)  To pledge or assign any money, rents, charges, fees, or other revenues and any proceeds derived from sales of property, insurance, or condemnation awards or otherwise received under financing agreements;

(7)  To issue revenue bonds of the local agency for the purpose of providing funds to pay all or any part of the cost of any project, and to issue revenue refunding bonds;

(8)  To construct, acquire, own, repair, maintain, extend, improve, rehabilitate, renovate, furnish, and equip projects and to pay all or any part of the costs thereof from the proceeds of bonds of the local agency or from any contribution, gift, donation, or other funds made available to the local agency for such purpose;

(9)  To fix, charge, and collect rents, fees, and charges for the use of any project; and

(10)  To employ consulting engineers, architects, attorneys, real estate counselors, appraisers, and such other consultants and employees as may be required in the judgment of the local agency, and to fix and pay their compensation from funds available to the local agency therefor.

History.--s. 4, ch. 69-104; s. 3, ch. 80-287.