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2004 Florida Statutes

Section 159.416, Florida Statutes 2004

159.416  Pool financings.--

(1)  Any local agency may issue, at one or more times, single issues of bonds to fund a pool financing program. For purposes of this chapter, the term "pool financing program" means a program under which bonds or other debt obligations are issued by a local agency, some or all of the proceeds of which are used to fund a loan fund to be used for the purpose of making loans to persons, some or all of whom have not been identified at the time the bonds are issued, to finance all or part of the cost of one or more projects described in s. 159.27(5), some or all of which have not been identified at the time the bonds are issued.

(2)  Upon the issuance of such bonds the proceeds thereof shall constitute a pool of funds which may be used for the following purposes:

(a)  To make loans to any person to pay the costs of any project described in s. 159.27(5);

(b)  To provide a reserve fund for the bonds in any amount the local agency deems advisable;

(c)  To pay costs of issuing the bonds;

(d)  To pay costs of providing a credit enhancement facility for the bonds, including, but not limited to, bond insurance, letters of credit, surety bonds and guarantees;

(e)  To pay costs of providing a liquidity facility for the bonds, including, but not limited to, letters of credit, surety bonds, and guarantees;

(f)  To pay costs and liabilities incurred in providing any hedging facility for the bonds, including, but not limited to interest rate swap contracts and interest cap contracts;

(g)  To pay costs of administering the bonds, the pool financing program, and the security therefor, including, but not limited to: compensation, fees, and expenses of any trustee, paying agent, registrar, authenticating agent, depositary, escrow agent, remarketing agent, administrative personnel, and professional consultants, including, but not limited to, accountants, attorneys, and financial advisers; and

(h)  To pay capitalized interest on the bonds for any period the local agency deems advisable.

(3)  If the interest income on the bonds is not intended to be excludable from the gross income of the holder for federal income tax purposes, no allocation of any federal statewide volume limitation need be obtained under part VI of this chapter under any executive order or otherwise.

(4)  Prior to the issuance of bonds under this section it shall not be necessary that any projects or the users thereof be identified or that any of the findings described in s. 159.29 be made; provided, however, that prior to the issuance of bonds to fund a loan pool program hereunder, the local agency shall by ordinance or resolution state:

(a)  That it is the intention of the local agency to issue bonds under this section to fund a pool financing program which shall make loans to assist in the financing of projects meeting the criteria set forth in s. 159.29, which loans shall mature not later than the final maturity of the bonds; and

(b)  That the amounts to be held in any reserve fund, amounts to be held in any loan fund, amounts to be received from the repayment of principal of and interest on loans and the income to be derived from the investment thereof and any other available moneys under the program are expected to be sufficient to pay debt service on the bonds.

(5)  Prior to the making of any loan of proceeds of the bonds, the local agency shall make by resolution or ordinance the findings required by s. 159.29 with respect to the use contemplated for such loan. The local agency may charge an application fee to persons applying for loans under the pool financing program and may charge a fee or acquire the loan at a discount, and proceeds of the loan may be used to pay or reimburse the borrower for any such fees.

(6)  Bond proceeds loaned to finance any project shall be used to pay costs of such project, including, but not limited to, the costs of making and administering such loan and obtaining credit enhancement for said loan.

(7)  Upon the making of any loan, the person to whom the loan is made shall enter into a loan agreement or other financing agreement with the local agency providing for:

(a)  The use of the proceeds of the loan in compliance with the provisions of parts II and III of this chapter;

(b)  The operation, repair, and maintenance of the project without cost to the local agency; and

(c)  The payment of principal, interest, and premium on the loan in an amount and at the times at least sufficient to pay debt service on an equal principal amount of such bonds and to pay all costs incurred by the local agency in connection with the financing of the project, except as may be paid out of loan proceeds or otherwise, including costs of administering the loan and such portion of the costs of administering the bonds and pooled financing program as the local agency shall prorate to the financing of such project.

(8)  The principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the bonds issued as provided by this section, administrative expenses of the bonds, and other costs and expenses of the pooled financing program shall be payable solely from the following sources:

(a)  The proceeds of the bonds;

(b)  Payments made by or in behalf of persons to whom moneys are loaned as herein provided;

(c)  Any investment income derived from the investments of amounts described in paragraphs (a) and (b) or from the reinvestment of such investment income;

(d)  Any deposits or investments made with amounts described in paragraphs (a), (b), and (c); and

(e)  Payments made by any provider of any credit enhancement facility for the bonds or loans or by any provider of a liquidity facility for the bonds or hedging facility for the bonds; provided, however, that the obligation to repay or reimburse such provider shall be limited to sources specified in this subsection.

(9)  Proceeds of bonds and moneys held for the payment of debt service on bonds, including, but not limited to, amounts held in the loan fund, any reserve fund, or debt service fund for the bonds, may be invested in investments authorized by or pursuant to an ordinance or resolution providing for the issuance of the bonds or any trust agreement or trust indenture or other instrument approved by such ordinance or resolution, including, but not limited to, investments described in s. 218.415 The acquisition of any debt obligation or investment contract or investment agreement of any bank, savings and loan association, insurance company, registered broker-dealer, or other financial institution shall be deemed to be an investment and not a loan and therefore need not meet the criteria of subsections (5), (6), and (7).

(10)  Bonds issued hereunder shall have such maturities, not in excess of 40 years, and shall bear interest at such rate or rates, not to exceed the maximum interest rate allowed by law, and shall have such other terms as the local agency shall determine.

History.--s. 2, ch. 87-237; s. 5, ch. 88-326; s. 8, ch. 2000-264.