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2004 Florida Statutes

Appointment of assistants and other staff; method of payment.
Section 27.53, Florida Statutes 2004

27.53  Appointment of assistants and other staff; method of payment.--

(1)  The public defender of each judicial circuit is authorized to employ and establish, in such numbers as authorized by the General Appropriations Act, assistant public defenders and other staff and personnel pursuant to s. 29.006, who shall be paid from funds appropriated for that purpose. Notwithstanding the provisions of s. 790.01, s. 790.02, or s. 790.25(2)(a), an investigator employed by a public defender, while actually carrying out official duties, is authorized to carry concealed weapons if the investigator complies with s. 790.25(3)(o). However, such investigators are not eligible for membership in the Special Risk Class of the Florida Retirement System. The public defenders of all judicial circuits shall jointly develop a coordinated classification and pay plan which shall be submitted on or before January 1 of each year to the Justice Administrative Commission, the office of the President of the Senate, and the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Such plan shall be developed in accordance with policies and procedures of the Executive Office of the Governor established in s. 216.181 Each assistant public defender appointed by a public defender under this section shall serve at the pleasure of the public defender. Each investigator employed by a public defender shall have full authority to serve any witness subpoena or court order issued, by any court or judge within the judicial circuit served by such public defender, in a criminal case in which such public defender has been appointed to represent the accused.

(2)  Any member of The Florida Bar, in good standing, may volunteer without salary to represent indigent defendants. Volunteer attorneys are to be referred to as special assistant public defenders. A special assistant public defender may not reassign or subcontract a case to another attorney.

(3)  The appropriations for the offices of public defender shall be determined by a funding formula and such other factors as may be deemed appropriate in a manner to be determined by this section and the General Appropriations Act.

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