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2004 Florida Statutes

Section 364.163, Florida Statutes 2004

364.163  Network access services.--For purposes of this section, the term "network access service" is defined as any service provided by a local exchange telecommunications company to a telecommunications company certificated under this chapter or licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to access the local exchange telecommunications network, excluding the local interconnection arrangements in s. 364.16 and the resale arrangements in s. 364.161 Each local exchange telecommunications company subject to s. 364.051 shall maintain tariffs with the commission containing the terms, conditions, and rates for each of its network access services.

(1)  After a local exchange telecommunications company's intrastate switched network access rates are reduced to or below parity, as defined in s. 364.164(5), the company's intrastate switched network access rates shall be, and shall remain, capped for 3 years.

(2)  Any intrastate interexchange telecommunications company whose intrastate switched network access rate is reduced as a result of the rate adjustments made by a local exchange telecommunications company in accordance with s. 364.164 shall decrease its intrastate long distance revenues by the amount necessary to return the benefits of such reduction to both its residential and business customers. The intrastate interexchange telecommunications company may determine the specific intrastate rates to be decreased, provided that residential and business customers benefit from the rate decreases. Any in-state connection fee or similarly named fee shall be eliminated by July 1, 2006, provided that the timetable determined pursuant to s. 364.164(1) reduces intrastate switched network access rates in an amount that results in the elimination of such fee in a revenue-neutral manner. The tariff changes, if any, made by the intrastate interexchange telecommunications company to carry out the requirements of this subsection shall be presumed valid and shall become effective on 1 day's notice.

(3)  The commission shall have continuing regulatory oversight of intrastate switched network access and customer long distance rates for purposes of determining the correctness of any rate decrease by a telecommunications company resulting from the application of s. 364.164 and making any necessary adjustments to those rates.

History.--s. 17, ch. 95-403; s. 4, ch. 98-277; s. 14, ch. 2003-32.