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2004 Florida Statutes

Sentencing guidelines; ranking unlisted felony offenses.
Section 921.0013, Florida Statutes 2004

1921.0013  Sentencing guidelines; ranking unlisted felony offenses.--A felony offense not listed in s. 921.0012 is ranked with respect to offense severity level by the Legislature, commensurate with the harm or potential harm that is caused by the offense to the community. Until the Legislature specifically assigns an offense to a severity level in the offense severity ranking chart, the severity level is within the following parameters:

(1)  A felony of the third degree within offense level 1.

(2)  A felony of the second degree within offense level 4.

(3)  A felony of the first degree within offense level 7.

(4)  A felony of the first degree punishable by life within offense level 9.

(5)  A life felony within offense level 10.

For purposes of determining whether a felony offense has been specifically listed in the offense ranking chart provided in s. 921.0012(3), and the severity level that has been assigned to an offense listed in the chart, the numerical statutory reference in the left column of the chart, and the felony degree designation in the middle column of the chart, are controlling; the language in the right column of the chart is provided solely for descriptive purposes.

History.--s. 11, ch. 93-406; s. 52, ch. 96-388; s. 1, ch. 97-194.


A.  Section 1, ch. 97-194, provides that "[s]ections 921.0001, 921.001, 921.0011, 921.0012, 921.0013, 921.0014, 921.0015, 921.0016, and 921.005, Florida Statutes, as amended by this act, are repealed effective October 1, 1998, except that those sections shall remain in effect with respect to any crime committed before October 1, 1998."

B.  Section 43, ch. 97-194, provides that "[t]he Division of Statutory Revision of the Joint Legislative Management Committee shall leave the repealed statutory provisions referenced herein in the Florida Statutes for 10 years from October 1, 1998."