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The Florida Senate

2005 Florida Statutes

Section 243.58, Florida Statutes 2005

243.58  Criteria and requirements.--In undertaking any project under ss. 243.50-243.77, the authority shall be guided by and shall observe the following criteria and requirements:

(1)  The project, in the determination of the authority, is appropriate to the needs and circumstances of, and shall make a significant contribution to the purposes of, the authority and ss. 243.50-243.77 as set forth in the findings and declarations, and shall serve a public purpose by advancing the prosperity and general welfare of the state and the public.

(2)  A financing agreement for a project may not be entered into with a participating institution that is not financially responsible and fully capable of and willing to fulfill its obligations under the financing agreement, including the obligations to make payments in the amounts and at the times required; to operate, repair, and maintain at its own expense the project owned or leased; and to serve the purposes of ss. 243.50-243.77 and any other responsibilities that may be imposed under the financing agreement. In determining the financial responsibility of the participating institution, consideration must be given to the party's ratio of current assets to current liabilities; net worth; endowments; pledges; earning trends; coverage of all fixed charges; the nature of the project involved; its inherent stability; any guarantee of the obligations by some other financially responsible corporation, firm, or person; means by which the bonds are to be marketed to the public; and other factors determinative of the capability of the participating institution, financially and otherwise, to fulfill its obligations consistently with the purposes of ss. 243.50-243.77.

(3)  Adequate provision must be made for the operation, repair, and maintenance of the project at the expense of the participating institution and for the payment of principal of and interest on the bonds.

(4)  The costs to be paid from the proceeds of the bonds are costs of a project within the meaning of ss. 243.50-243.77, except for payments included in the purposes for which revenue refunding bonds may be issued under ss. 243.50-243.77.

History.--s. 9, ch. 2001-79.