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2005 Florida Statutes

Renting motor vehicle to another.
Section 322.38, Florida Statutes 2005

322.38  Renting motor vehicle to another.--

(1)  No person shall rent a motor vehicle to any other person unless the latter person is then duly licensed, or if a nonresident he or she shall be licensed under the laws of the state or country of his or her residence, except a nonresident whose home state or country does not require that an operator be licensed.

(2)  No person shall rent a motor vehicle to another until he or she has inspected the driver's license of the person to whom the vehicle is to be rented, and compared and verified the signature thereon with the signature of such person written in his or her presence.

(3)  Every person renting a motor vehicle to another shall keep a record of the registration number of the motor vehicle so rented, the name and address of the person to whom the vehicle is rented, the number of the license of said latter person, and the date and place when and where the said license was issued. Such record shall be open to inspection by any police officer, or officer or employee of the department.

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