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2005 Florida Statutes

Section 339.412, Florida Statutes 2005

339.412  Powers of corporation.--As to designated projects and in addition to other powers prescribed by law, a corporation may exercise the following powers with respect to the promotion and development of transportation facilities, pursuant to a written contract for the same, together with all powers incidental thereto or necessary for the performance of those hereinafter stated:

(1)  The corporation may exercise all the powers as granted by the department to work directly with landowners, local and state governmental agencies, elected officials, and any other person to support those activities required to promote and develop the projects. These activities shall include:

(a)  Acquiring, holding, investing, and administering property and transferring title of such property to the department for development of projects on behalf of the department;

(b)  Performing preliminary and final alignment studies in a manner consistent with state and federal laws;

(c)  Receiving contributions of land for rights-of-way and cash donations to be applied to the purchase of rights-of-way not donated or to be applied to the design or construction of the projects;

(d)  Reviewing candidates for advisory directorships and adding or removing such advisory directors as may be appropriate;

(e)  Retaining such administrative staff and legal, public relations, and engineering services as may be required for the development of the projects and paying such employees and consultants from funds donated for this purpose;

(f)  Preparing such exhibits, right-of-way documents, environmental reports, schematics, and preliminary and final engineering plans as are necessary for the development of the projects;

(g)  Borrowing money to meet any expenses or needs associated with the regular operations of the corporation or a particular project; provided, however, that no corporation shall have the power to issue bonds, the provisions of chapters 607 and 617 notwithstanding;

(h)  Making official presentations to the state and other affected agencies or groups concerning the development of the projects;

(i)  Issuing press releases and other material to promote the activities of the projects; and

(j)  Performing any other functions requested by the department in order to promote and develop the projects.

Nothing in this act empowers the corporation to enter into any contracts for construction or to undertake any construction, on behalf of the department.

(2)  The corporation shall have all other powers of a like or different nature not prohibited by law which are available to nonprofit corporations in this state and which are necessary for the promotion and development of transportation facilities and systems on behalf of the department. Nothing in this act authorizes the corporation to exercise any powers greater than those of the department or to exercise any authority of the department other than that specified by contract with the department.

History.--s. 12, ch. 88-271.