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The Florida Senate

2005 Florida Statutes

Section 349.03, Florida Statutes 2005

349.03  Jacksonville Transportation Authority.--

(1)  There is hereby created and established a body politic and corporate and an agency of the state to be known as the Jacksonville Expressway Authority, redesignated as the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, and hereinafter referred to as the "authority."

(2)  The governing body of the authority shall consist of seven members. Three members shall be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Three members shall be appointed by the mayor of the City of Jacksonville subject to confirmation by the council of the City of Jacksonville. The seventh member shall be the district secretary of the Department of Transportation serving in the district that contains the City of Jacksonville. Except for the seventh member, members shall be residents and qualified electors of the City of Jacksonville.

(3)  The terms of appointed members shall be for 4 years deemed to have commenced on June 1 of the year in which they are appointed. Each member shall hold office until a successor has been appointed and has qualified. A vacancy during a term shall be filled by the respective appointing authority only for the balance of the unexpired term. Any member appointed to the authority for two consecutive full terms shall not be eligible for appointment to the next succeeding term. One of the members so appointed shall be designated annually by the members as chair of the authority. The members of the authority shall not be entitled to compensation, but shall be reimbursed for travel expenses or other expenses actually incurred in their duties as provided by law. Four voting members of the authority shall constitute a quorum, and no resolution adopted by the authority shall become effective unless with the affirmative vote of at least four members. The authority may employ an executive director and may organize the authority into such departments and divisions as it deems necessary. It may appoint department directors, deputy directors, division chiefs, and staff assistants to the executive director. In so appointing, the authority may fix the compensation of those appointees, who shall serve at the pleasure of the authority. The authority may employ such financial advisers and consultants, technical experts, engineers, and agents and employees, permanent or temporary, as it may require and may fix the compensation and qualifications of such persons, firms, or corporations.

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