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2005 Florida Statutes

Transfer of existing Jacksonville Expressway System to authority.
Section 349.08, Florida Statutes 2005

349.08  Transfer of existing Jacksonville Expressway System to authority.--

(1)  In order to effectuate the purposes of this chapter, and subject to the rights of any holders of bonds heretofore issued by said Florida State Improvement Commission to finance any part of the cost of said Jacksonville Expressway System heretofore constructed by Florida State Improvement Commission in the Jacksonville, Duval County, metropolitan area, and to the rights of the State Road Department under any lease-purchase agreement heretofore entered into therefor between Florida State Improvement Commission and said State Road Department, all the right, title and interest in and to said Jacksonville Expressway System, and all powers, jurisdiction and control over or relating thereto, heretofore vested in Florida State Improvement Commission, upon the request of the authority, shall be transferred, set over, assigned and conveyed to said authority, and said Florida State Improvement Commission shall thereupon transmit to the proper officers of the authority all deeds, conveyances, documents, books and records relating to said system, and shall execute all necessary documents and papers to carry out and consummate the conveyance and transfer of said system to said authority as provided for in this chapter; provided, however, that in the event no such request is made by said authority on or before April 1, 1956, then, and in such event, this chapter shall be of no force or effect and, thereafter, all powers, jurisdiction and control over or relating to said Jacksonville Expressway System existing in the Florida State Improvement Commission, the State Road Department and the State Board of Administration prior to the enactment of this chapter shall continue in full force and effect to the same extent as if this chapter had never been enacted.

(2)  This section, without reference to any other laws, shall be deemed to be and shall constitute complete authority for the transfer, assignment and conveyance herein authorized, any provisions of other laws to the contrary notwithstanding, and no proceedings or other action shall be required except as herein prescribed.

History.--s. 8, ch. 29996, 1955.