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2005 Florida Statutes

Child advocacy centers; standards; state funding.
Section 39.3035, Florida Statutes 2005

39.3035  Child advocacy centers; standards; state funding.--

(1)  In order to become eligible for a full membership in the Florida Network of Children's Advocacy Centers, Inc., a child advocacy center in this state shall:

(a)  Be a private, nonprofit incorporated agency or a governmental entity.

(b)  Be a child protection team, or by written agreement incorporate the participation and services of a child protection team, with established community protocols which meet all of the requirements of the National Network of Children's Advocacy Centers, Inc.

(c)  Have a neutral, child-focused facility where joint department and law enforcement interviews take place with children in appropriate cases of suspected child sexual abuse or physical abuse. All multidisciplinary agencies shall have a place to interact with the child as investigative or treatment needs require.

(d)  Have a minimum designated staff that is supervised and approved by the local board of directors or governmental entity.

(e)  Have a multidisciplinary case review team that meets on a regularly scheduled basis or as the caseload of the community requires. The team shall consist of representatives from the Office of the State Attorney, the department, the child protection team, mental health services, law enforcement, and the child advocacy center staff. Medical personnel and a victim's advocate may be part of the team.

(f)  Provide case tracking of child abuse cases seen through the center. A center shall also collect data on the number of child abuse cases seen at the center, by sex, race, age, and other relevant data; the number of cases referred for prosecution; and the number of cases referred for mental health therapy. Case records shall be subject to the confidentiality provisions of s. 39.202

(g)  Provide referrals for medical exams and mental health therapy. The center shall provide followup on cases referred for mental health therapy.

(h)  Provide training for various disciplines in the community that deal with child abuse.

(i)  Have an interagency commitment, in writing, covering those aspects of agency participation in a multidisciplinary approach to the handling of child sexual abuse and serious physical abuse cases.

(2)  Provide assurance that child advocacy center employees and volunteers at the center are trained and screened in accordance with s. 39.001(2).

(3)  A child advocacy center within this state may not receive the funds generated pursuant to 1s. 983.10, state or federal funds administered by a state agency, or any other funds appropriated by the Legislature unless all of the standards of subsection (1) are met and the screening requirement of subsection (2) is met. The Florida Network of Children's Advocacy Centers, Inc., shall be responsible for tracking and documenting compliance with subsections (1) and (2) for any of the funds it administers to member child advocacy centers.

History.--s. 41, ch. 98-403; s. 16, ch. 99-193; s. 37, ch. 2004-265.

1Note.--Section 983.10 does not exist; s. 938.10 relates to added court costs imposed in certain cases involving crimes against minors.