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The Florida Senate

2005 Florida Statutes

Section 403.9323, Florida Statutes 2005

403.9323  Legislative intent.--

(1)  It is the intent of the Legislature to protect and preserve mangrove resources valuable to our environment and economy from unregulated removal, defoliation, and destruction.

(2)  It is the intent of the Legislature that no trimming or alteration of mangroves may be permitted on uninhabited islands which are publicly owned or on lands set aside for conservation and preservation, or mitigation, except where necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, or to enhance public use of, or access to, conservation areas in accordance with approved management plans.

(3)  It is the intent of the Legislature to provide waterfront property owners their riparian right of view, and other rights of riparian property ownership as recognized by s. 253.141 and any other provision of law, by allowing mangrove trimming in riparian mangrove fringes without prior government approval when the trimming activities will not result in the removal, defoliation, or destruction of the mangroves.

(4)  It is the intent of the Legislature that ss. 403.9321-403.9333 shall be administered so as to encourage waterfront property owners to voluntarily maintain mangroves, encourage mangrove growth, and plant mangroves along their shorelines.

(5)  It is the intent of the Legislature that all trimming of mangroves pursuant to this act conducted on parcels having multifamily residential units result in an equitable distribution of the riparian rights provided herein.

(6)  It is the intent of the Legislature to grandfather certain historically established mangrove maintenance activities.

History.--s. 3, ch. 95-299; s. 2, ch. 96-206.