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The Florida Senate

2005 Florida Statutes

Legislative declaration of public policy respecting viticulture.
Section 599.001, Florida Statutes 2005

599.001  Legislative declaration of public policy respecting viticulture.--

(1)  The Legislature declares that viticulture, the production and utilization of grapes, is an underdeveloped agricultural commodity enterprise in this state. The Legislature recognizes that Florida possesses many resources and geographic advantages that favor the expansion and growth of present-day viticulture into a broad-based, economically viable industry. The growth potential of the present industry offers good opportunities for local economic development and supply trade. The development of viticulture is compatible with the economies, lifestyles, and interests of both rural and urban Florida.

(2)  Further, the Legislature finds that factors such as minimal new grape cultivar development, lack of printed information on production and processing, minimal understanding of winemaking techniques and requirements that will capitalize on the unique characteristics of available grape cultivars, minimal understanding of grape juice processing requirements, lack of fresh fruit handling and processing technology specifically for muscadine grape cultivars, lack of quality standards for wine and other processed grapes, lack of assistance and printed information for overall business planning and marketing, and lack of coordination of the many diverse interests and expertises which could contribute to the further development of viticulture in the state are inhibitory to the development of viticulture to the potential of which it is reasonably capable, going into the 21st century.

(3)  The Legislature further declares that, in order to effectively support the efficient and expeditious development and growth of viticulture into a broad-based, economically sound industry, there is a need for leadership and statewide viticultural planning.

History.--ss. 2, 6, ch. 84-295; s. 5, ch. 91-429; s. 6, ch. 94-296.