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The Florida Senate

2007 Florida Statutes

Section 1006.41, Florida Statutes 2007

1006.41  Disposal of instructional materials.--

(1)  Instructional materials that have become unserviceable or surplus or are no longer on state contract may be disposed of, under adopted rule of the district school board, by:

(a)  Giving or lending the materials to other public education programs within the district or state, to the teachers to use in developing supplementary teaching materials, to students or others, or to any charitable organization, governmental agency, home education students, private school, or state.

(b)  Selling the materials to used book dealers, recycling plants, pulp mills, or other persons, firms, or corporations upon such terms as are most economically advantageous to the district school board.

(2)  The district school board may prescribe by rule the manner for destroying instructional materials that cannot be disposed of as provided in subsection (1).

(3)  All moneys received for the sale, exchange, or other disposition of instructional materials shall be deposited in the district school fund and added to the district appropriation for instructional materials.

(4)  Instructional materials which have been sold, exchanged, lost, destroyed, or damaged and for which proper charges have been assessed and collected, and instructional materials which have been destroyed by fire or storm damage or by order of a competent health officer or the district school superintendent, shall be dropped from the record of instructional materials for which, as provided by law, district school boards are held responsible.

History.--s. 316, ch. 2002-387.