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2007 Florida Statutes

Section 370.11, Florida Statutes 2007

1370.11  Fish; regulation.--

(1)  CATCHING FOOD FISH FOR PURPOSES OF MAKING OIL PROHIBITED.--No person shall take any food fish from the waters under the jurisdiction of the state, for the purpose of making oil, fertilizer or compost therefrom. Purse seines may be used, for the taking of nonfood fish for the purpose of making oil, fertilizer or compost.

(2)  REGULATION; FISH; TARPON, ETC.--No person may sell, offer for sale, barter, exchange for merchandise, transport for sale, either within or without the state, offer to purchase or purchase any species of fish known as tarpon (Tarpon atlanticus) provided, however, any one person may carry out of the state as personal baggage or transport within or out of the state not more than two tarpon if they are not being transported for sale. The possession of more than two tarpon by any one person is unlawful; provided, however, any person may catch an unlimited number of tarpon if they are immediately returned uninjured to the water and released where the same are caught. No common carrier in the state shall knowingly receive for transportation or transport, within or without the state, from any one person for shipment more than two tarpon, except as hereinafter provided. It is expressly provided that any lawful established taxidermist, in the conduct of taxidermy, may be permitted to move or transport any reasonable number of tarpon at any time and in any manner he or she may desire, as specimens for mounting; provided, however, satisfactory individual ownership of the fish so moved or transported can be established by such taxidermist at any time upon demand. Common carriers shall accept for shipment tarpon from a taxidermist when statement of individual ownership involved accompanies bill of lading or other papers controlling the shipment. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission may, in its discretion, upon application issue permits for the taking and transporting of tarpon for scientific purposes.

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1Note.--Section 7, ch. 83-134, as amended by s. 2, ch. 84-121, and by s. 1, ch. 85-163, repealed the then-existing section effective July 1, 1985, and further provided that if the Governor and Cabinet had not adopted appropriate rules by July 1, 1985, the section would remain in force until such rules were effective. Section 9, ch. 83-134, provided that, prior to the adoption of rules amending, readopting, or repealing those provisions set forth in s. 7, the Marine Fisheries Commission would hold a public hearing thereon, and no such amendment, readoption, or repeal would be acted upon until it had been determined, based upon appropriate findings of fact, that such action would not adversely affect the resource. The Marine Fisheries Commission was transferred to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by s. 3, ch. 99-245.