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2007 Florida Statutes

Administrative fine in lieu of suspension or revocation.
Section 624.4211, Florida Statutes 2007

624.4211  Administrative fine in lieu of suspension or revocation.--

(1)  If the office finds that one or more grounds exist for the discretionary revocation or suspension of a certificate of authority issued under this chapter, the office may, in lieu of such revocation or suspension, impose a fine upon the insurer.

(2)  With respect to any nonwillful violation, such fine shall not exceed $2,500 per violation. In no event shall such fine exceed an aggregate amount of $10,000 for all nonwillful violations arising out of the same action. When an insurer discovers a nonwillful violation, the insurer shall correct the violation and, if restitution is due, make restitution to all affected persons. Such restitution shall include interest at 12 percent per year from either the date of the violation or the date of inception of the affected person's policy, at the insurer's option. The restitution may be a credit against future premiums due provided that the interest shall accumulate until the premiums are due. If the amount of restitution due to any person is $50 or more and the insurer wishes to credit it against future premiums, it shall notify such person that she or he may receive a check instead of a credit. If the credit is on a policy which is not renewed, the insurer shall pay the restitution to the person to whom it is due.

(3)  With respect to any knowing and willful violation of a lawful order or rule of the office or commission or a provision of this code, the office may impose a fine upon the insurer in an amount not to exceed $20,000 for each such violation. In no event shall such fine exceed an aggregate amount of $100,000 for all knowing and willful violations arising out of the same action. In addition to such fines, such insurer shall make restitution when due in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2).

(4)  The failure of an insurer to make restitution when due as required under this section constitutes a willful violation of this code. However, if an insurer in good faith is uncertain as to whether any restitution is due or as to the amount of such restitution, it shall promptly notify the office of the circumstances; and the failure to make restitution pending a determination thereof shall not constitute a violation of this code.

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