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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 120.533

Coordination of indexing by Department of State.

The Department of State shall:


Administer the coordination of the indexing, management, preservation, and availability of agency orders that must be indexed or listed pursuant to s. 120.53(1).


Provide, by rule, guidelines for the indexing of agency orders. More than one system for indexing may be approved by the Department of State, including systems or methods in use, or proposed for use, by an agency. More than one system may be approved for use by a single agency as best serves the needs of that agency and the public.


Provide, by rule, for storage and retrieval systems to be maintained by agencies for indexing, and making available, agency orders by subject matter. The Department of State may approve more than one system, including systems in use, or proposed for use, by an agency. Storage and retrieval systems that may be used by an agency include, without limitation, a designated reporter or reporters, a microfilming system, an automated system, or any other system considered appropriate by the Department of State.


Determine which final orders must be indexed for each agency.


Require each agency to report to the department concerning which types or categories of agency orders establish precedent for each agency.


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