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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 219.06

Income and expenses.


Each officer whose compensation for his or her official duties is paid wholly or partly by fees or commissions, or fees and commissions, shall handle all collections of fees, commissions, and other compensation for his or her official duties in the same manner as other public money is herein required to be handled, and shall record them in detail sufficient to furnish the information required for the sworn statement required by 1s. 145.12(1), to be made to the board of county commissioners.


Fees and commissions collected in the same transactions with collections of other public funds may be kept or deposited with such other public funds, and accounted for with them, until distribution is made of such other public funds.


The officer may withdraw from the earnings of the office for his or her personal use at any time any amount which, together with previous withdrawals, shall not exceed his or her interest therein if the officer’s compensation were calculated to that time, prorated according to the number of days that had elapsed since the beginning of the calendar year.


Disbursements made from the earnings of an officer for the expenses of the office shall be made by check payable to the person performing the service or furnishing the goods, supported by an itemized bill or voucher, except that a petty cash fund may be maintained for necessary cash expenditures and such petty cash fund may be reimbursed from time to time by checks supported by vouchers showing the purposes of the expenditures.


s. 6, ch. 57-349; s. 1184, ch. 95-147.


Repealed by s. 4, ch. 73-349.