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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 465.026

Filling of certain prescriptions.

Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit a pharmacist licensed in this state from filling or refilling a valid prescription which is on file in a pharmacy located in this state or in another state and has been transferred from one pharmacy to another by any means, including any electronic means, under the following conditions:


Prior to dispensing any transferred prescription, the dispensing pharmacist must, either verbally or by any electronic means, do all of the following:


Advise the patient that the prescription on file at the other pharmacy must be canceled before it may be filled or refilled.


Determine that the prescription is valid and on file at the other pharmacy and that the prescription may be filled or refilled, as requested, in accordance with the prescriber’s intent expressed on the prescription.


Notify the pharmacist or pharmacy where the prescription is on file that the prescription must be canceled.


Record in writing, or by any electronic means, the prescription order, the name of the pharmacy at which the prescription was on file, the prescription number, the name of the drug and the original amount dispensed, the date of original dispensing, and the number of remaining authorized refills.


Obtain the consent of the prescriber to the refilling of the prescription when the prescription, in the dispensing pharmacist’s professional judgment, so requires. Any interference with the professional judgment of the dispensing pharmacist by any pharmacist or pharmacy permittee, or its agents or employees, shall be grounds for discipline.


Upon receipt of a prescription transfer request, if the pharmacist is satisfied in her or his professional judgment that the request is valid, or if the request has been validated by any electronic means, the pharmacist or pharmacy must do all of the following:


Transfer the information required by paragraph (1)(d) accurately and completely.


Record on the prescription, or by any electronic means, the requesting pharmacy and pharmacist and the date of request.


Cancel the prescription on file by electronic means or by recording the word “void” on the prescription record. No further prescription information shall be given or medication dispensed pursuant to the original prescription.


If a transferred prescription is not dispensed within a reasonable time, the pharmacist shall, by any means, so notify the transferring pharmacy. Such notice shall serve to revalidate the canceled prescription. The pharmacist who has served such notice shall then cancel the prescription in the same manner as set forth in paragraph (2)(c).


In the case of a prescription to be transferred from or to a pharmacy located in another state, it shall be the responsibility of the pharmacist or pharmacy located in the State of Florida to verify, whether by electronic means or otherwise, that the person or entity involved in the transfer is a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy in the other state.


Electronic transfers of prescriptions are permitted regardless of whether the transferor or transferee pharmacy is open for business.


The transfer of a prescription for medicinal drugs listed in Schedules III, IV, and V appearing in chapter 893 for the purpose of refill dispensing is permissible, subject to the requirements of this section and federal law. Compliance with federal law shall be deemed compliance with the requirements of this section.


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