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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 555.03

Entrances and exits.

All entrances and exits for outdoor theaters shall comply with the rules of the Department of Transportation for driveways from property abutting state highways and the following additional requirements:


Not more than one entrance shall be provided for each access road, but each such entrance may be divided into two roadways and channelized to properly provide for vehicles turning right or left from the highway.


That portion of an entrance or exit lying within a public road right-of-way shall comply with the regulations of the authority in charge of the maintenance of the roadway or, as a minimum, it shall comply with rules prescribed by the Department of Transportation.


Not more than two exits shall be provided for each access highway, but such exits may be suitably channelized to provide for right and left turns to the highway, and not more than one traffic lane shall be permitted for each traffic lane on the highway available to vehicles leaving the theater.


No entrance or exit on a state road of the primary state-maintained system located outside an incorporated city or town of this state shall be located within 500 feet of its intersection with another state road on the primary state-maintained system.


Enclosures surrounding the theater portion of the property shall begin not less than 200 feet from the centerline of the nearest state road.


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