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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 571.27


The department is authorized to adopt rules that implement, make specific, and interpret the provisions of this part, including rules for entering into contracts with advertising agencies for services which are directly related to the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign. Such rules shall establish the procedures for negotiating costs with the offerors of such advertising services who have been determined by the department to be qualified on the basis of technical merit, creative ability, and professional competency. Such determination of qualifications shall also include consideration of the provisions in s. 287.055(3), (4), and (5). The department is further authorized to determine, by rule, the logos or product identifiers to be depicted for use in advertising, publicizing, and promoting the sale of Florida agricultural products or agricultural-based products in the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign. The department may also adopt rules not inconsistent with the provisions of this part as in its judgment may be necessary for participant registration, renewal of registration, classes of membership, application forms, as well as other forms and enforcement measures ensuring compliance with this part.


s. 16, ch. 90-323; s. 11, ch. 99-391.