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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 589.08

Land acquisition restrictions.


The Division of Forestry shall enter into no agreement for the acquisition, lease, or purchase of any land or for any other purpose whatsoever which shall pledge the credit of, or obligate in any manner whatsoever, the state to pay any sum of money or other thing of value for such purpose, and the said division shall not in any manner or for any purpose pledge the credit of or obligate the state to pay any sum of money.


The division may receive, hold the custody of, and exercise the control of any lands, and set aside into a separate, distinct and inviolable fund, any proceeds derived from the sales of the products of such lands, the use thereof in any manner, or the sale of such lands save the 25 percent of the proceeds to be paid into the State School Fund as provided by law. The division may use and apply such funds for the acquisition, use, custody, management, development, or improvement of any lands vested in or subject to the control of the division. After full payment has been made for the purchase of a state forest to the Federal Government or other grantor, 15 percent of the gross receipts from a state forest shall be paid to the fiscally constrained county or counties, as described in s. 218.67(1), in which it is located in proportion to the acreage located in each county for use by the county or counties for school purposes.


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