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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 609.02

Filing a declaration of trust.

Every such organization organized for the purpose of transacting business in this state, or organized in this state for the purpose of transacting business elsewhere, which intends to sell or offer for sale any units, shares, contracts, notes, bonds, mortgages, oil or mineral leases or other security of such association shall, prior to transacting any such business, file with the Department of State a true and correct copy of the declaration of trust under which the association proposes to conduct its business, which copy shall be sworn to, as being a true and correct copy, by the chair of the board of trustees named in such declaration of trust. When such copy shall have been filed with the Department of State it shall constitute public notice as to the purposes and manner of the business to be engaged in by such association. The Department of State, prior to the issuance of the certificate by it, shall collect from the said association a filing fee of $350, which fee shall be paid by it into the general fund of the state.


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